Making Carbs Count onions


The soup alone is 51.5g carbs total,

8.6g per serving. For the pesto it's 2.4g

carbs total, 0.4g per serving. Combined

it's 53.9g carbs total, or 9g per serving,

or 6g per serving if you omit the sugar.

Carbohydrate information supplied by Cook

and Count Carbs from Health Apps.

Shallot Soup with Watercress Pesto

(serves 6)

Carb content


1 kg shallots, chopped

175g butter

25g garlic

20g thyme

10g sugar (optional)

20g salt

1.75 ltr stock

250ml double cream

For the watercress pesto:

150g watercress

100ml olive oil

1 clove garlic

1 teaspoon of grated Parmesan

salt and pepper


Fry the shallots gently in the butter for

5-10 minutes, add the chopped garlic,

thyme, sugar and salt.

Pour in the stock bring to the boil, cook

for 5-10 minutes then add the double

cream. Bring back to the boil then blitz

in a blender, pass through a fine sieve,

check seasoning and serve.

For the watercress pesto, put all the

ingredients into a blender and buzz.

Drizzle a little pesto onto the soup before



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