Sport and diabetes

LIVINGLIVINGcontinued over

people living with diabetes, whether you

have it yourself, or care for someone who


The group's launch was a kayaking

weekend held mid-September, when 12

diabetic adventurers came together to

learn how to paddle with skill in Chichester

Harbour, West Sussex. The weekend

was a resounding success.

Philippa Cooper's reaction to the

event was an example of the feedback,

as she said, "I cannot express how much

I enjoyed the weekend. I always worry

about trying new things. This weekend

took all that worry/stress away. Adventure

D just 'get it'. I was always confident that

help and advice was on hand... I just loved

meeting other people with diabetes."

Another couple of happy kayakers

were Claire Pesterfield and her hypoawareness

dog, Magic.

Says Anna, "We are now putting

together our 2015 programme which

will include another kayaking adventure,

surfing in Cornwall, a high-ropes course

day for young people with diabetes and

a kayak and camp adventure for families

living with diabetes. Keep an eye on our

website for more information."


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