How to handle diabetes and sport or exercise

Living with diabetes

It's been good to hear back

from readers about their sporty

undertakings. You can't keep

a good diabetic down! The

front cover of this issue and

the photos in the next few pages are all

from a recent start-up group of people

with diabetes who are keen to keep on


Adventure D

Founded in February 2014, Adventure D

was the idea of a brother and sister team

who are both living with diabetes in one

way or another. Chris, a fully-qualified

kayak and sailing instructor, has lived

with people with both Type 1 and type 2

diabetes in his family for almost 30 years.

Anna, who has Type 1 herself, has a love

of outdoor pursuits and a passion for

getting people with diabetes 'shoulder-toshoulder', it wasn't

long before Adventure

D was born.

The aim of Adventure D is to aid

people with diabetes to try a range

of adventure sports in a safe but fun

environment, mindful of the challenges

that exercising with diabetes can

involve. "Our adventures are always led

by people with extensive experience of

diabetes or, wherever possible, with a

Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) as part

of the leadership team, " says Anna. "That

means you don't need to worry that your

unique management style or personal

needs will be overlooked in order to keep

pace with the group. We also offer the

opportunity to get together with other

Thanks for sharing your experiences. We reproduce some here, as

a photo gallery of achievements made, and fun had!



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