Cure for diabetes


When you're newly

diagnosed, you

cling on to all

news of research

into a cure for

diabetes. You hope that you'll have to

cope for a few years, but then you will

be healed. Then you start to realise that

while there are huge amounts of research

out there, it means resources are spread

thinly, and that medical research and

development (R&D) is a very slow game.

But that's not to say that great gains are

being made, and some of us are now

using drugs and technology that wasn't

imagined (or was only just imagined) a

decade ago.

On 20 May 2014 people with diabetes

talked directly to leaders from medicine,

academia and industry about how

the condition affects their daily lives.

The IMI-JDRF Diabetes Patient Focus

Meeting was held to identify research and

development gaps in the diabetes area

from the perspective of patient needs and


The Innovative Medicines Initiative

(IMI) is the world's largest publicprivate

partnership in health - a joint

undertaking between the European

Union and the pharmaceutical industry

association EFPIA. JDRF is the leading

global charity funding Type 1 diabetes

research, currently sponsoring research

in 17 countries. Karen Addington, Chief

Executive of JDRF UK, commented on

the event saying, "Research progress

in Type 1 diabetes has never been

rom statistical analysis

lobe. .

continued over


faster than it is today. There are now

tangible opportunities for research to

transform the lives of people affected

by the condition. But it is crucial that

those people are placed at the heart of

the research dialogue. Only by doing this

can we achieve our goal of progressively

removing the impact of the condition from

people's lives, until we achieve a world

without Type 1 diabetes."

IMI's Executive Director Michel

Goldman added, "This meeting will

cover the whole spectrum of diabetes

and go beyond the typical Type 1

and 2 classifications, to explore the

commonalities between the different

metabolic disorders, their causes

and current therapies. The patients'

perspective is an invaluable asset in

scientists' and industry's quest for a cure

for diabetes which is at the core of IMI's


The IMI-JDRF initiative aims to identify

research & development (R&D) gaps

in the diabetes area from the patient's

perspective. Discussing unmet patients'

needs will help guide decisions on

future research topics on diabetes in IMI

and in JDRF's activities. IMI has already

established a diabetes platform including

three European diabetes projects: IMIDIA,

DIRECT and SUMMIT - working together

on the joint development of novel solutions

for improved disease management. IMI

and JDRF will publish a joint report on the

event's conclusions later in 2014.


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