Counting carbohydrates red meat


New research from the

Meat Advisory Panel

shows that when

surveyed less than half

of the respondents

correctly name pork as a type of red meat.

Almost half wrongly believe that spinach is

a better source of iron than red meat and

believe green leafy vegetables provide

vitamin D (when they contain none).

Women are also unaware of their greater

need for iron than men. The survey reveals

that misconceptions about meat may be

leaving us at risk of health problems. Less

than half (47%)of 2,000 respondents to

the Meat Advisory Panel survey correctly

named pork as a type of red meat and one

in five (22%) did not realise that lamb is

also classed as a red meat. But, with age

comes better culinary knowledge. Almost

all (98%) of those over 55 identified beef

as a red meat, compared with 82% of 18

to 24-year-olds.

Professor Robert Pickard, Emeritus

Professor of Neurobiology, University

of Cardiff and a member of the Meat

Advisory Panel commented on the

survey results, saying, "Lean red meat is

a valuable source of iron and vitamin D,

not to mention protein, zinc and other

important nutrients. But unfortunately far

too many people appear to be losing sight

of the importance of meat within a healthy

diet. This gap in knowledge could have a

detrimental impact on our health; a lack of

iron can lead to anemia, whilst a lack of

vitamin D is putting people at risk of bone

problems, including osteomalacia in adults.


Red meat is another food stuff that has had bad press which

seemed to say that it was bad for us. But new evidence is showing

that a lack of red meat in the diet comes with its own risks.


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