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Olde Goa Goan Rice is a rare red rice

that has been specially milled, leaving

the husks intact and giving a distinctive

red streak and nutty flavour. It's high in

fibre, has a low GI and is also full of iron.

The thick grains are rich in anthocyanins

antioxidants, which help the body fight

against diseases and can enhance

weight loss. With a firm texture, it's

a good accompaniment to fish and

coconut-based curries. Use five parts

cold water to one part rice, add the rice

as the water starts to boil and simmer for

50 minutes or until soft, drain and serve.

An 800g resealable tub of Olde Goa

Goan Rice costs £4.95 and is available

from www.spicesofindia.co.uk


The first company to bear the Fairtrade

mark in the UK for their spices, Steenbergs

is now working with a women's association

in Afghanistan that is promoting saffron

growing as a viable alternative to opium

growing. This provides a legitimate and

sustainable future for Afghan women

and their families. Negin saffron comes

from the Afghanistan Women Saffron

Association (AWSA) and has a deep

ruby red colour from the sheer volume of

stigma and a fragrant damask rose aroma

(saffron spice is made up of the stigmas

of the saffron crocus, each flower has

just three stigmas). AWSA was set up by

social entrepreneur, Ms. Sima Gharvani,

in 2008 in the Herat region of Afghanistan

and aims to promote fair pay, increasing

quality and sustainability and has secured

development aid for fertilisers, bulbs,

harvest baskets and training. Growing

saffron crocuses rather than poppies gives

farmers greater yields, more money per

acre and takes less labour and less water,

which is becoming increasingly important

due to recurring droughts. Saffron is

also as lucrative a crop as opium but by

enjoying the delicious, fragrant pleasures

of the world's most expensive spice you

can be doing the Afghan nation a favour

while you flavour your food.


Skipping breakfast is something health

experts warn us to avoid, but sometimes

you just need to grab something and go…

it's a bad habit that most will admit to. 9bar

breakfast bars are great for those on the go and will provide your morning nutrition when

it suits you. The 9bar brand is now the most widely distributed mixed seed bar in the UK.

The new breakfast bars come in Almond & Raspberry, Apricot & Strawberry or Peanut &

Raisin and Cashew & Cocoa. In this bar, cashews promote healthy digestion and are a

great natural energy source, while cocoa powder adds a hint of sweetness. Each bar has

9g of protein and 235 calories.



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