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Needle and lancet giants BD has a fab

new needley thing called an Autoshield,

the main point of which is to ensure no

handling (or seeing) of insulin pen needles.

It's aimed at carers -- so parents, or for

older people who whose carers need to

do injections for them, or for people in

carehomes where a member of staff may

have to administer injections. If you are

delivering the injection, you don't have to

see or touch any sharps. Pretty helpful for

needlephobes too. BD Autoshield

Here's another way to take the stress and anxiety out of administering your

insulin The NeedleBay system has daily modules which have been ergonomically

designed to make handling of needles easier and safer. The pods also provide

visual 'proof of use' so you can avoid missing injections or mistakenly taking a

double dose of insulin. NeedleBay incorporates a patented ClickLok technology

for securely and safely holding all popular types of used injection pen needles.

The basic NeedleBay System comes with seven daily NeedleBay modules,

each providing storage for up to two injection pen needles together with two

compartments for storing tablets. They are compact and light weight so easy

to carry in a pocket or bag. There is also a stylish high quality storage case for

storing up to seven daily NeedleBay modules. With this system you need never

touch a needle again

One way to minimize the anxiety of

injecting is to put your mind at rest

beforehand that it's not going to hurt.

Insupen 33G pen needle has a diameter

of just 0.20 mm along its entire length.

The needle's thin wall guarantees a large

internal diameter and therefore effective

and more comfortable administration.

Despite early concerns, short needles

can penetrate everyone's skin gaining

access to the subcutaneous tissue where

the insulin needs to be administrated.

Insulin injections using short needles are

also simpler as they do not require you to

pinch skin or insert at an incline.

Insujet 33G: The reduced diameter, along with being silicone

coated and triple sharpened makes for a less painful injection.


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