night time hypos


It's always about keeping the balance,

as the flip side to avoiding night-time

hypos may lead you to have blood sugars

running so high that you're up in the night

needing a drink or a trip to the toilet, which

is not much better. See sidebar opposite

on night-time hypos.

Stop snoring!

This year's National Stop Snoring Week

begins week of 28th April focusing on

sensible approaches to successfully

treating this famously distracting sound. If

it's your partner who's the problem, that's

one thing, but what if it's you? Bad bouts

of snoring could even wake you up. This

can become a medical issue if it persists,

termed sleep apnea, which involves the

inability to breathe properly, in some case

leading to a lack of oxygen to the brain

(see separate sidebar). Other medical

reasons may be causing snoring,

Finding the cause of the snoring is key

to trying to treat it. That way you can avoid

buying products that have no benefit.

Snoring is an individual problem and

different treatments suit different types of

snoring with some current recommended

clinically proven treatments. If you're

having trouble sleeping maybe give them

a call to discuss your options. The British

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association is

a not-for-profit charitable organisation

helping people to get a good night's sleep.


You can make better use your diabetes kit

to help you avert hypos. As well as being

a blood test meter, the Accu-Chek Aviva

Expert is also a bolus advisor system for

people on multiple daily injections. In an

online user survey, 52% of respondents

reported that using the bolus advisor had

reduced their fear of hypos. The blood

testing system has a helpful hypo-warning

feature. Many users find the colourful

graphs and charts useful to help them

to monitor and stay in control of their


The OneTouch Verio Pro, an easy

to use no-coding meter, also features a

high and low pattern messenger. Without

having to press any buttons, the meter

logs all your results but informs you when

it discovers a pattern of low readings. You

are automatically informed of low patterns

in your blood glucose results so that you

can consider insulin therapy adjustments

'on the go', without waiting to download

them and pore over the data later.

Continuous testing

Along these lines are continuous glucose

monitors (CGM) which can clearly show

patterns of highs or lows. Insulin pumps

in combination with CGM are also primed

to help avert hypos. If hypos are a real

issue for you, then pump therapy could

well make significant improvements, while

CGM gives added insights that can lead

to appropriate actions to prevent hypos

from happening. The Animas Vibe pump

incorporates Dexcom4 CGM sensors. A

CGM alarm sounds on the pump when

the most recent CGM reading is at or

below 3.1 mmol/L. The latest Medtronic

pump used with the Enlite sensor even

has a new feature called Low Glucose

Suspend. When the sensor reads a blood

glucose level lower than the pre-set level,

it automatically shuts down further insulin

delivery until blood sugar levels recover.

This is particularly useful at nighttime,

allowing you to sleep while being watched

over by your pump-and-sensor set up.

You can also get a Hypoglycaemia

Alarm which is worn on the wrist and

tracks movement and sweat patterns

which will sound an alarm when things

are going a bit pear-shaped.

Helpful equipment to stave off hypos at night


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