Simple sleep solutions for diabetes




Sleep Phones

Made with a soft fleece band incorporating

slim speakers, these were developed

by Dr Lai, a family doctor in the US who

wanted to help her patients fall asleep

naturally without resorting to sleeping pills.

You pull the band into place over your

ears, plug the lead into your MP3 player,

ipod or music system and then drift off

to the sound of your favourite meditative

sounds. The soft band holds the speakers

in place throughout the night. They muffle

external noise - street noise, aircraft,

snoring partners and help you drift off.

Obstructive sleep apnea is associated

with nerve damage in people with Type 2

diabetes, according to a study by Dr. Abd

Tahrani, a clinical lecturer in endocrinology

and diabetes at the University of


The severity of diabetic peripheral

neuropathy is linked with the extent of

sleep apnea and the degree of low blood

oxygen levels that occur while patients

sleep, the researchers found.

People with obstructive sleep apnea

subconsciously awaken many times

a night -- even dozens of times an

hour -- because their airways close,

disrupting their breathing. Those with

diabetic peripheral neuropathy may have

numbness or tingling in their extremities,

or damage to their major organs. The

study of 234 adults with Type 2 diabetes

found that sleep apnea was independently

associated with diabetic peripheral

Some possible sleep solutions, should you need them

SLEEP APNEA Viridian L-tryptophan

Serotonin is an important initiator of

sleep. It is made from an amino acid

called tryptophan. Taking tryptophan will

raise serotonin levels and promote sleep.

Tryptophan tablets may be effective

for sleep-onset insomnia. Evidence

suggests that low serotonin levels are a

common consequence of modern living.

Viridian uses laevorotatory tryptophan

(L-tryptophan) which meets the purity

criteria laid out in European Pharmacopeia

(EP). Viridian Nutrition's L-tryptophan is

available from independent health stores .

Sleep Know

Doctors in the UK now say that as many

as 1 in 3 patients that come through their

door complain of feeling tired all the time

- we are a zombie nation! Developed with

leading sleep research scientists in the

US and UK provides the

most comprehensive assessment and

training programme available on the net.

neuropathy even after the researchers

accounted for a number of other possible

factors, including obesity, ethnicity,

gender, age at diabetes diagnosis, and

the length of time a person has had


The findings were published online

ahead of print in the American Journal of

Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

While the study uncovered an association

between obstructive sleep apnea and

peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients,

it did not prove a cause-and-effect

relationship. Further research is needed to

determine the role of sleep apnea and low

blood oxygen levels in the development

and progression of nerve damage in

patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Continuous positive airway pressure

treatment, or CPAP, keeps obstructive

sleep apnea patients' airways open while

they sleep.


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