Carbohydrate value of olives and olive oil


Long claimed to be a

uniquely health-supportive

food, olives have proven

antioxidant and antiinflammatory benefits.


true Mediterranean treasure, olives are

grown around the entire area and into

Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Greek-style

black olives, Spanish-style green olives,

Kalamata-style olives, and many different

methods of olive preparation provide us

with valuable amounts of many different

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory


The olive plant, called Olea europaea

(litereally 'oil from Europe') is central to the

much-lauded Mediterranean Diet, both

as olives and as olive oil used for cooking

and dressings, and it's known that olives

have formed part of our diet - and have

been cultivated - for thousands of years

duly getting name-checked in the Bible

(where an olive branch represents a peace

offering) and the Quoran.

The trees themselves are famously

long-lived, often being hundreds of years

old, and olives are actually the fruits of

these old timers. Drupes are fruits that

have a pit or stone inside surrounded by

a larger fleshy portion called the pericarp,

as seen with mangos, cherries, peaches,

plums, apricots, nectarines as well as

almonds and pistachios.

One of the world's biggest fruit crops,

Spain is the largest single producer of

olives at approximately 6 million tons

per year followed by Italy, Greece,

Turkey and Syria. As much as 90% of

all Mediterranean olives are crushed for

the production of olive oil, the remainder

being kept in whole food form for eating,



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