Diabetes and Sleep


SLEEP ON IT We're meant to get

around 8 hours

sleep a night, but

few of us do. Our

needs change

over time, needing more sleep when

we're younger. Insufficient and or poor

quality sleep also has an adverse effect on

our performance. Sleeping 4 to 5 hours a

night can impair performance to the same

extent as being legally drunk (according to

Professor Charles Czeisler in an article for

Harvard Business Review). When you've

had a good night's sleep, you can take on

almost anything. Have a bad one, and the

day can seem both long and hard.

There are a host of ideal circumstances

to help you sleep, a form of sleep

'hygiene', then there are the diabetes

specific issues that are part of the load

than any diabetic bears - worries about

your health, your control, your supplies,

your next appointment with the doctor.

Here we take a look at both the

general and the specific and hope to give

anyone living with patchy sleep some

hints and tips on improving their chances

of some decent shut-eye.

Environmental factors

You should create a healthy sleeping

environment. You'll need a suitably comfy

bed and the mattress should not be too

soft. Your room should be at the correct

temperature, which mainly means not

Well, you would sleep on it, if you could sleep. But you've

either tossed and turned and taken ages to drop off, or

you've awoken in the wee hours to stare unproductively at

the ceiling. It happens to all of us at some time or another,

but recurring sleeplessness can be a real bind.


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