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Aiming to give a clearer picture regarding blood test results, the Contour Next meter

goes beyond basic testing while retaining simple techniques and accuracy. It features an

easy to use navigation button and Contour Next test strips (PIP code 3682119. These

allow you to add more blood to a test strip if you've under-filled it (you don't need to put

in a new one if you didn't get enough on at first attempt). You can check 7, 14, 30 and

90-day averages, to give you an overview of your control and helps you to spot patterns

in order to adapt your medication, if necessary. It has the capacity to set alarms to help

you remember to test - e.g. two hours after a meal to see how things are looking outside

of more usual testing times (just before meals).

Visually impaired people with diabetes

can now more accurately monitor their

blood glucose levels thanks to a 'talking'

device, the CareSens N Voice from Spirit

Healthcare. Enabling visually impaired

people with diabetes to monitor their own

blood glucose levels at a time that suits

them giving them more control over their

diabetes healthcare.

Chris Barker, managing director of

Spirit Healthcare says, "CareSens N

Voice revolutionizes the way people

monitor blood glucose levels, enabling

them to do it themselves in the comfort

of their own home, removing the need for

professionals to visit them or the patient to

visit specialist clinics."



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