Dr Jen Nash diabetes and wellbeing


approach to life, which she shares in the

book. One of the chapters is on managing

fear, anxiety and worry where she talks

quite amiably about why people worry

about hypoglycaemia, particularly when in

most cases it can be treated with relative

speed and ease by consuming a sugary

drink or snack. But coming at it from the

inside, having experienced hypos and

living with the ever-present possibility of

having one if things go out of control,

she says that while it's easy to treat one,

the affects of a hypo can be frightening,

embarrassing, uncomfortable, unpleasant

or in an absolutely worst-case scenario

they can be fatal, so you're going to need

ways of dealing with them beyond just

treating on with sugar when you do go

hypo. [see extracts from book on p. x]

Looking ahead

Nash herself is not on a pump yet, but

she is on the 'pathway' (the term now

being used for people heading towards

pump funding). She says that even for

her, funding is hard and that's despite her

present role with the NHS as part of the

Diabetes Wellbeing Service, a full-time

project looking at poorly controlled Type

1s and Type 2s and what psychological

intervention can contribute to diabetes

control, with proof from HbA1c statistics.

Nash is delighted to report that the

study has given clinically significant

HbA1c results. Other than the cost of

the psychological support there is no

additional prescription costs. "It is not just

clinical," she says, "The health outcomes

can be improved which brings much

needed confidence for the patient, and

it happens to save the NHS money too.

Better control means people with diabetes

do not end up developing complications

and needing medical intervention further

town the line."

In the future she hopes to be able

to mix NHS work with freelance work.

"The last few years has been exciting

while I've been training nurses and

healthcare professionals. I've loved that.

I have a dream that psychology gets as

embedded in multidisciplinary care as

the diabetes specialist nurse. People,

both inside and outside of the NHS

seem to think that health psychology

is an expensive resource, but with just

six sessions people are equipped with

skills for life. NHS commissioners need

to understand this."

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