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ane Mason's first book was

All You Knead Is Bread, with

her second being the Book of

Buns, a collection of unique

recipes from all over the world:

sweet and savoury, every day and special

buns. Mason explains why she focused

on buns, saying: "Buns have a special

place in our history as they were originally

made to allow poor people to buy their

own whole 'loaf' in miniature rather than

buy a small piece of a larger loaf, giving

dignity to everyone's bread purchase."

Mason has researched and travelled

widely with photographer Peter

Cassidy, and have created step by step

photography and simple instructions so

bakers of all levels can bake a new bun

every week for over a year if they so wish.

One of Mason's best friends became

Type 1 diabetic as an adult after a

virus attacked her pancreas, so she is

familiar with the dietary impact of bread

on someone with diabetes. Mason

encourages diabetics to eat bread in

moderation and to consume mainly rye

bread. She says, "Rye is a very slow

release carbohydrate, so it's better for

blood glucose control. In addition, I urge

all diabetics to bake their own or find a

source of extremely well made bread with

no sugar added and perferably made with

stone ground flour. This is because most

shop bought bread has sugar added. If

it freshly baked is sold from shelves or in

pretty baskets in the supermarket there's

not even a label for you to read."

Some of the recipes in All You Knead

Is Bread and some in the Book of Buns

contain sugar when they are 'sweet

breads', but Mason says, "You never

need to add sugar to daily bread. Sugar

is used to accelerate the yeast but is not

necessary. In fact, slow fermentation bread

(bread that is made over four hours or

more, and up to 36 hours for a really tangy

sourdough!) is better for digestive health all

round, whether or not you have diabetes."

Mason's company, Virtuous Bread,

incorporates Bread Angels, a network


Explore an abundance of ideas in Jane Mason's Book of Buns

of micro bakers. Mason started teaching

bread courses and then a micro bakery

course. Any micro baker trained by

Mason can start teaching and list classes

on the Bread Angels website. One of

Mason's collaborators (or 'Bread Angel') is

Peter Voshal, is a scientist who specialises

in diabetes research.

You can buy the book here.


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