Handing hypos



Book extract on handling hypos

Getting sweaty, having slurred speech, shaking uncontrollably or being confused may not seem too bad in the whole

scheme of things, but having them occur at a job interview or

important work meeting or while driving home at night or on a

romantic date may not be so pleasant!

Remember that anxiety and phobias have evolutionary value.

We are hard-wired to engage in actions that ensure our survival and survival can be defined broadly.

We want to avoid

things that will lead to a possible rejection or isolation from

others and acting oddly while in the midst of a hypo is one

example of such things

Hypos can be dangerous but ordinarily people can put their

potential fear into perspective and not let it change or alter

their behaviour too much. However some individuals having

just one frightening episode of hypoglycaemia can lead to

increased anxiety about it happening again. This can lead to

other behaviours which in turn may lead to further difficulty in

managing diabetes, such as running blood glucose levels too

high in order to avoid hypos, eating more than is needed in an

attempt to keep blood glucose levels elevated or restricting

activities where hypoglycaemic episodes would be more challenging to deal with, such as driving, exercising

or travelling

on public transport.

She then suggests five strategies for overcoming your difficulties with hypoglycaemia. You're

going to have to buy the book

to read them!


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