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african Volcano is a brand of peri peri sauce and


st your diabetes


marinade from south african Chef Grant Hawthorne who

says, “since launching the medium strength version in

March last year, I’ve been refining the hot version, using

Dorset naga chillies from a small farm in Bedfordshire. Try CONTOUR® NEXT USB. There are only 5 of

Both the sauce and marinade contain four varieties these new meters to give away absolutely free, so

of chillies: african birds eye; scotch bonnet; facing make sure to fill in your details at

heaven and Dorset naga. It can be used to enhance and www.bayerdiabetes.co.uk/usbdes

complement prawns, pork, beef and vegetables -- just Bayer’s CONTOUR® NEXT USB meter can help

about anything. People are starting to get adventurous you organise your diabetes information to see

and play with the flavours in a variety of dishes, from the complete picture.

poached eggs to lentil burgers, Bloody Mary cocktails


to oysters.”

a donation of 30p from every bottle sold supports the

initiatives of Habitat for Humanity’s youth Build project in

Cape town. www.africanvolcano.com

• Easy-to-use, straight out of the box

• Test your blood glucose and mark your

results or add a note, if required

• Option to add your carbohydrate and insu-

lin units

• Review your logbook and trends on your

meter, or download and share with your

healthcare professional

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* Offer Expires at midnight on 28th February, 2013 –

not available in conjunction with any other offer.



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am Monitoring System


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© 2013 Bayer plc. All rights reserved. USB DN 02/13


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