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hypodiabetic.co.uk has moved its order management to amazon.co.uk where its


focus on providing the best customer support allows it to take advantage of amazon’s Diabetes Wellness Day south is an

excellent reputation as the world’s largest online retailer. there it can provide free next- educational day for people with diabetes,

day shipping, amazon secure checkout and continue its top-notch support for orders. now in its fifth year. This year, working with

hypodiabetic.co.uk was setup in 2011 by tim omer and his family as a trusted the specialist diabetes teams from solent

independent site to promote products that are really used and come highly recommended nHs trust and southampton university

by other diabetics. Hospitals nHs foundation trust and

says tim, “to wider Hampshire nHs, there will be some

celebrate the completely new subjects. you can go to

redesign of our talks on diabetes and the importance of

site and facebook exercise; the diabetes check list you and

page we will be your doctor should cover at your diabetes

giving away two check ups; exercising safely; how to use

HypoWallets every social media as a diabetes management

week in March. all tool and an ‘ask the Panel’ session at

you have to do is the end of the day. there will also be a

Like our facebook breakout session for younger people with

page for a chance type 1 Diabetes. the exhibition area is

to win.” always popular too. www.drwf.org.uk


Last month Her royal Highness the

Duchess of Cornwall visited university

College London Hospitals nHs foundation

trust (uCLH) in her role as President of

JDrf. she has held the position since mid-

2012 in support of the charity’s mission to

discover the cure. With her was Jeremy

Irvine, the actor who played the lead role in

steven spielberg’s blockbuster War Horse

and who has type 1 diabetes and is also a

supporter of JDrf.

uCLH is one of the uK’s leading

institutions for insulin pump therapy

– 64% of patients receive this form of

therapy. this compares to a mere 3.7%

average across the uK, one of the lowest

rates of pump therapy in developed

nations, placing the uK behind such

countries as the Czech republic in terms

of insulin pump uptake.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall watches actor Jeremy Irvine and Thomas

Sugden, eight, play pool. Thomas was diagnosed T1 when he was14 months old.


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