Diabetes Carelines


she offers some insights to the service

here. “Calls do vary by day of the week

– Monday, tuesday and friday are our

busiest days, but we get roughly 2,500

calls per month. We are a team of 18, this

includes myself, our advocacy Manager,

Information Officer, Support Officer and

Careline Counsellors who work a mix of

part-time and full-time positions.”

from the late 1980s the Care

Department of Diabetes uK provided

an informal helpline service for many

years. Since 1993, it officially became

the ‘Careline’. In the early days calls were

being dealt with by whoever was available

from different teams within the Care

Department. Both the nature of the calls

(callers were often emotionally distressed)

as well as the increase in number and lack “We talk about all sorts of topics and overall, people want to talk

of confidentiality called for a more specific

service, geared towards callers’ needs. through how diabetes affects their (or a loved one’s) life on a daily

says Karen, “the most common basis – many people need some emotional support. as a result

topic of discussion is diet, and followed

with anxiety on managing blood glucose of this, most of the team join as trained counsellors or therapists”

levels, monitoring, medication and -- Karen Wrack, Diabetes UK

equipment. However, we do talk about all

sorts of topics and overall, people want to

talk through how diabetes affects their (or Looking to the future, there are plans Dana r insulin pump and Dexcom seven

a loved one’s) life on a daily basis – many to expand the service offered by Diabetes plus and G4 CGM and related software.

people need some emotional support. uK’s Careline. “We already do have an the support is provided by uK product

as a result of this, most of the team join email service,” says Karen, “but in the specialists – there are no external call

as trained counsellors or therapists, but near future we’ll be offering a much faster centres used.”

everyone will receive in-depth training on response for this service. We also connect

all aspects of diabetes from diabetes- with lots of people through our facebook Increasing capacity

specialist healthcare professionals.” page and twitter, and we are looking at sheena anderson-Green is the training

developing new services, such as instant and Quality Manager, Customer support

Affected by diabetes chat, which may be really popular with for Medtronic Diabetes. Medtronic has

It’s interesting – and probably a good thing younger people.” the biggest base of insulin pump users

-- that in many diabetes organizations there for diabetics using some of the more in the uK. she says, “the Medtronic

are staff who have diabetes. It’s the case with cutting edge technology, one of the most helpline has gone from strength to

Diabetes uK and its careline. “We do have important aspects of careline support is strength growing in size and ability to

(and have had) some staff who are affected that it’s 24/7. John r Hughes, Managing deal with increasing capacity. In 2012 we

by diabetes – they may have diabetes Director of advanced therapeutics received 13,000 calls to the helpline. the

themselves, have a partner with diabetes or (uK) Ltd has introduced the Dexcom number of calls we receive grows every

have a child with diabetes,” confirms Karen, Continuous Glucose Monitor device month as more and more patients start

who sasy, “This can definitely help give a to the uK. He says, “twenty-four-hour to use insulin pumps to help manage their

different perspective to their work.” technical support is provided for both the condition.”


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