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Curry crazy Brits will blow more than £30,000 on Indian grub in their lives, so says the

Curry Club. the average Brit will splash out £20-a-month cooking Indian food at home,

according to new research published in the 2013 Cobra Good Curry Guide. It means

that over a 50-year period we could each spend £30,864 on curries. and, despite the

recession, the guide claims that uK curry houses are thriving.

the uK’s 9,000 curry restaurants attract 2.5 million customers a week, according

to Curry Club statistics. Pat Chapman, author of the guide, is confident the industry will

ride out the current recession. He says, “there is doom and gloom being talked about

all restaurants. they’re being hit by the recession like everyone else. But in the long run,

it will be good for the sector. those that offer good food, good service and good value

will survive.”

there are close on 9,000 Indian restaurants and Balti Houses restaurants in the

British Isles. The new Cobra Good Curry Guide, the 11th edition, identifies the nation’s

favourite food at 1,000 venues. the Guide costs £14.95, was established in 1983, is in

its 30th year and has 384 full colour pages. new features include website details and

postcodes to assist navigation. Buy it for find out which restaurant the top curry award

has gone to. It can be ordered at all bookshops.


spring is in the air and hedgerows and

woodlands will soon be bursting with

delicious edible plants like wild garlic,

nettles, chickweed and hawthorn.

foraging for wild food is fun and its free.

you do need to follow some simple rules

to identify and pick things safely so it pays

to spend time with an experienced forager

if you’re new to it. food safari offers

wild food foraging courses in suffolk,

Cambridge, London and Derbyshire.

there are full day courses combining a

guided foray with a hands-on cookery

workshop, or just a short introduction to

foraging. a course taking place in London

reveals the abundance of delicious and

unusual wild foods growing in the city.

another, called a taste of the Wild is

a morning forays for discovering the

abundance wild greens, nuts and fruits

growing on your doorstep. In october the

focus is on wild mushrooms.



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