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ArTifiCiAl PUmP ‘rEAl-WorlD’ TriAl

Tom Brobson has recently taken part in an artificial pancreas clinical trial, and

made a video about his experience. tom is the national Director for research

Investment opportunities at JDrf in the us and has been involved in a number of

artificial pancreas trials over a number of years. He took part in this trial, which took

the system out of the hospital into the real world, wearing the artificial pancreas

for three days and nights as part of a clinical trial run by a group of researchers at

the university of Virginia. JDrf has helped this research progress from a concept

to a working system that is now in clinical trials outside of a hospital setting.

similar trials are currently being conducted in the uK by Dr roman Hovorka at

the university of Cambridge, some of the funds for which are provided by JDrf.


aLCoHoL stuDy neeDs surVey PartICIPants

Dr. Katharine Barnard, Health Psychologist and senior research fellow at the

faculty of Medicine, university of southampton is conducting research into

minimising the risk of alcohol for young adults with type 1 diabetes. the project

is using an online survey to reach t1s aged 18-30 years. the survey, which is

funded with a small grant from Diabetes uK, needs 1,000 responses. the survey

consists of a ’10-drink quiz’ related to alcohol content and the self-management

strategies that young t1s use to stay safe when drinking.

Participants are invited to complete the web survey provided at the link below,

which will take approximately 10-15 minutes. It asks questions related to alcohol

health literacy, diabetes and the strategies that participants use to stay safe while

drinking alcohol. Click link to complete the survey: Alcohol Survey.



The DUAG group (Dafne User Group)

has set up an e-petition to try and

persuade the government to provide

a central source of funding for

diabetes education. The intention is

to help avoid the postcode lottery that

can affect diabetes education. The

aim is to get 100,000 signatures by



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