blood testing, insulin doses, carb-counting


figuring it out

Diabetes is more than a diagnosis, it’s a new way of living. From

blood testing to counting carbs, getting to grips with the main

techniques, terminologies and mathematics, it can be hard

work, and so much of it is to do with numbers. Here’s a look at

some of the big figures and how they might relate to you.


a non-diabetic’s Hba1c reading would be somewhere in this region. Your Hba1c is an


this is the kind of result you might hope

average of your blood glucose levels for the last three months. this measurement is an to get from your regular Hba1c reading,

essential part of modern-day diabetes management. a study published in 1993 called the anything under 7% is very good going.

DCCt proved the link between good control, measured by Hba1c and the reduced likelihood

of diabetes complications (like eye and kidney damage), so it’s best to keep an eye on it.


these are the guidelines from niCe as to what your blood test readings should be before a


this is the actual average Hba1c in the

meal. Your readings should be ‘less than 9mmol/l’ two hours after a meal. However, even uk for people with type 1 diabetes. it is an

Diabetes uk admits that these are only guidelines, so talk them through with your doctor average, so it covers some much higher

(see quote on opposite page). readings too.


there is some evidence that trying to attain ‘perfect’ blood test results, the kind non-diabetics


the number of times you should get your

would get, has a negative effect on people living with diabetes, leading to a sense of failure eyes looked at in an eye clinic (as opposed

and giving up trying to get good results. aiming for a wider window, less close to actually to tested for a precription lenses).

having a hypo might not be perfect but will let you lead a more normal life (with diabetes)..


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