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Soy good

for you

Despite being a bean, the superstar that is the soy bean (or soya

bean) can be made into so much more – and it’s low on carbs.


oybeans are an absolutely and copper. they are also a very good

ancient food source which source of protein.

originated in southeast

asia. they are known a 172g serving (one cup) of soy

to have been grown by beans, cooked by being boiled in water,

Chinese farmers around 1100 bC. since contains:

then, they have spread far, becoming 298 calories

recognized as an excellent source of 15g fat (24% of your rDa)

protein and a base for many other types 17g carbs (6% rDa)

of foods – like soya milk. 29g protein*

traditional non-fermented food uses Calcium (18% rDa)

of soybeans include soy milk, and from iron (49% rDa)

this we also get tofu. but if you ferment

soya bean paste or soya milk you get soy guideline rDa of protein for a woman

sauce, fermented bean paste, miso and is 46g, for men it’s 56. so 29g is around

(less-known in the Western diet), natto, 63% rDa for a woman, but 51% for a

tempeh and tofu skin. bean sprouts are man.

made from a variety of beans. While those those are the stats, but what makes

made of mung beans are most commonly this versatile bean so interesting is its

used today, bean sprouts made of capacity to be transformed into so many

soybeans are also popular. other things. soy sauce is the increasingly

well-known Japanese condiment used

Healthy options to flavour all types of dishes. Made of

as a food, soybeans are very low in fermented, roasted soy beans, there

cholesterol and sodium. it is also a good

source of dietary fibre, vitamin K, iron,

magnesium, phosphorus, manganese

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