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are countless varieties and regional soy

sauces that vary in flavour and colour,

much like olive oils or balsamic vinegars.

Little Miso

soybeans can be processed and eaten You can join in Alpro’s current

in several different ways. boiled soybeans competition to win a weekend for

still in the pod are called edamame.

two in New York or one of 1000

soybeans are also roasted or used whole,

keep-cups. send pic of your

such as for an ingredient in rice crackers.

Miso is fermented soybean paste used

breakfast at your desk to their

as a soup base and condiment. Like soy website at Alpro UK or via Twitter.

sauce, miso comes in a wide variety of Competition ends 28th March.

colours (from light to dark) and flavours

(from salty to sweet) and with various

regional differences. Miso is used in many

dishes, most familiarly miso soup.

When it comes to tofu, only the most

dedicated vegetarians and vegans seem

to know or care about it. often also just

called beancurd, as it is soybean curd Above: soy milk is made from ground soybeans and water.

made from soya milk. the curd is pressed similar to cow’s milk, it can be drunk plain or can easily

into blocks and is the basis of a large

variety of dishes. it is packed in water and

be flavoured. Alpro Light is no carbs in it and 100ml only

needs refridgeration and can be used has 1.2g of fat. However, it contains 15% of your rDA of

fresh or it can be marinated, boiled or

fried and put in soups and stews. it’s often

calcium and vitamins B2, B12 and D2. It’s fab in porridge!

called tasteless, though fans call the taste

‘subtle’. flavour can easily be added and

what tofu brings to a dish is protein and

bulk without the fat (unless it is fried). it is

therefore a great meat substitute is you

want to cut back on calories. More exotic

variations include ‘silken’ or ‘soft’ tofu,

which adds a creamier texture to dishes.

right: soy and beetroot

marinated salmon by chef

simon Hulstone. Click the

image to read all about it.


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