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CAlliNg All SPorTS FANS!

animas, the company behind the animas Vibe

insulin pump with integrated CgM, are holding

a sports and exercise weekend in May, at Loughborough university.

at the event you can hear from Dr ian gallen, Consultant Physician

and endocrinologist, as he presents on diabetes, exercise and sports,

improving performance and glucose control.

While you are there, you can participate in practical exercise

workshops — Cycling (gym based), Circuits, badminton or Volleyball.

You can then share your experiences and learn from others in a

workshop setting before meeting the healthcare professionals. the

team will be there to assist and guide you in theory and practical

sessions. in addition, there’s a talk by 26-year-old Chris southwell

(pictured left), a professional free ride snowboarder, who has type 1

diabetes. anyone over 18 years old with type 1, who is on either insulin

pumps or injections is welcome to come and play.

animas & exercise Weekend, Loughborough uk 10-12 May 2013.

email: sportsday@its.jnj.com



it’s well known that diabetes, an in the scale developed by the Wake

inflammatory disease, increases the forest researchers, a score of 0 means

risk of developing heart disease and indicates no calcium buildup in the

related complications-also the result of arteries, thus no heart disease risk. a

inflammation. score more than 100 usually means a

now there’s a way of predicting which patient has heart disease. at its high end,

type 2s may be at the highest risk of the scale runs to 1,000 or more, a level

dying from cardiovascular disease. the at which the risk of deaths from heart

‘coronary calcium score,’ developed by disease increases dramatically.

researchers at the Wake forest school Based on their findings, the researchers

of Medicine in north Carolina, measures suggest that coronary calcium scoring

the build-up of calcium on the walls of be added to the repertoire of diagnostic

coronary arteries. tools healthcare users use when dealing

type 2 patients with very high calcium with people with diabetes. in any case,

scores can be more than 11 times more they advise, type 2s should make sure to

likely to die from heart disease than routinely ask their doctors to assess their

patients with the lowest scores. the risk for heart disease. the study has been

study was based on results derived from published in Diabetes Care.

tests on 1,123 adult patients with type 2 This story originally appeared on

diabetes, aged 34 to 86 years. Diabetes Health.


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