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Y ou are not a number, but boy-oh-boy does it seem like it

sometimes. From your weight to blood tests, from the

times and frequency of clinic appointments and insulin

doses (if you’re on insulin), as diabetics we

live in a world full of figures. In our feature

in this issue we look at some of them to help

you figure out the ones you need to take

notice of. Meanwhile, as the year gets into

gear and, while we are in the midst of truly

wintry conditions, there’s plenty of news to

keep us up-to-date (and warm our hearts).

Some of it is also about numbers. As if often

the case, if a thing is not measured, how can

we assess it? As ever, there’s also a lot of

food news too including info on cereals, grains and even beans, all

of which have been cultivated for centuries, standing the test of

time. It’s good news then that all of them are good for the diabetic

diet. So tuck in!

Sue Marshall


neWs fooD neWs Making Carbs Count

Diabetes sports day features Super special cereals from Sharp- From a simple bean, which

snowboarder Chris Southwell. ham Park plus its fabulous spelt- when cooked is already edible,

Calcium scores can predict based flours. Further news on the we also get everything from

coronary health. Take part in the benefits of the ancient gluten-free soya milk to soy sauce and tofu.

Diabetes App Challenge. Peruvian grain quinoa. And it’s good for you.

Published by Desang Ltd the aim of this newsletter is to bring news and information to people living with diabetes. Please check all matters

concerning how you handle your health with your healthcare team. We welcome any feedback on the magazine or ideas for future articles.

Editor: Sue Marshall sue.marshall@desang.net

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