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Wheyhey is an the award-winning highprotein,

sugar-free ice cream. Established

in 2013 the brand is now available from

Tesco's. Greg Duggan, co-founder of

Wheyhey, comments, "Our ice cream

offers something completely different

to the current offering in supermarket

freezers. Our goal is to change what it

means for consumers to eat truly great

tasting healthy food and this listing is the

beginning." Wheyhey provides a healthier

alternative to traditional ice cream. It is

available in a range of delicious flavours

including Chocolate, Banoffee, Strawberry

and Vanilla. Wheyhey is made from the

finest quality whey protein isolate, which

is a product created in the cheese making

process; it's 100% natural and easily and

rapidly digested. It is sweetened by Xylitol,

which is a natural sweetener that does

not impact on blood sugar levels and


Jane Mason's bread books have inspired

people around the world to to bake their

way through her books. An extremely

experienced baker, for years she has been

educating people about bread through

her company Virtuous Bread. Her latest

book, Perfecting Sourdough, has easy to

follow instructions. The reader is guided

through a consistent process for baking

sourdough bread that enables them to

get into a routine that will ensure they can

bake successful loaves time and time

again. It includes recipes for both rye and

wheat starters. There's a detailed section

on trouble-shooting as sourdough can

take a bit of practice, and there are great

photographs throughout by Jon Whitaker.

Says Mason,"The health benefit

of sourdough bread is that it is easy to

digest. Because the natural yeast spends

so much time fermenting the flour, it is

more "broken down" than bread made

with commercial yeast. The health benefit

is in addition to the stronger flavour and

more chewy texture of sourdough bread.

The bacteria is really a non-starter as it

dies in the oven! Clearly a diabetic should

still read the label (or ask) when they

buy sourdough bread as many bakers

will put in sugar or honey or some kind

of sweetener depending on the type of

bread they are baking."

Perfecting Sourdough by Jane

Mason (Apple Press, £14.99).




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But business as usual is best for

diabetics at Christmas





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There is something called a Chuckleberry and speciality

food company Cottage Delight, based in Staffordshire,

has recognised the potential of this berry with the

creation of Chuckleberry Jam. Fruity but with a tarter

flavour than the more commonly known blackcurrant.

The dark and juicy berry tastes like a cross between

redcurrant and gooseberry and can be used to top

cheesecakes, in crumbles, or swirl some into Greek

yoghurt for a simple dessert. Lovingly made in small

batches using traditional open copper pan methods,

Cottage Delight's Chuckleberry Jam has no artificial

ingredients, is Suitable for vegetarians and is gluten-free.

Available from independent retailers for £3.30 RRP.

is recommended by dentists. A 150ml

tub of ice cream has only 4g of fat and

provides as much protein as a medium

sized chicken breast, with the 150 calories

per pot being derived mainly from protein

rather than empty sugars and fats.


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