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Blue, and a Silver medal for Stilton at the

International Cheese Awards (ICA), one of

the biggest cheese events in the world.

And Quicke's have had a triple triumph

at the International Cheese Awards (ICA)

2016 winning Quicke's Gold medal

winners were Ewes' Milk Cheese and Oak

Smoked Cheddar, with the Silver medal

going to Quicke's Extra Mature Cheddar.

Organised by Nantwich Agricultural

Society and having been established in

1897, the ICA annual awards take place

in Nantwich. In July, over 200 experts

judged a record-breaking 5,000 entries.

Egging us on

It was a clean sweep for Blackacre Farm

Eggs at the Taste of the West Awards

this year, with owners Dan and Briony

Wood picking up Gold Awards for their

entire 'Free' collection, including their

new Dabblind Free goose egg offering.

Judges described the goose eggs as

"simply delicious - very mellow with a

great depth", while also commenting on

the unique packaging, saying that the

"eggs would make a really lovely gift." Its

Foraging Free quail eggs were described

as "rich and creamy", with a "grassy

flavour." Dan Wood, managing director

of Blackacre Farm Eggs, commented,

"Our five Gold Awards are testament to

the quality and taste that can be achieved

using traditional farming methods, so I

hope they provide a boost for independent

family-run farms across the south west

and beyond."

Farming for over 35 years, the Wood

family and their flocks have achieved

critical acclaim with their Free Collection

of Rambling Free hen eggs, Waddling

Free duck eggs, Foraging Free quail eggs

and Dabbling Free goose eggs, collecting

a Great Taste 3-star award and a Great

Taste 1-star award in 2015, followed by

five Taste of the West Gold Awards in


United Biscuits (UB), a leading

international manufacturer of biscuits,

snacks and cakes, has announced the

launch of two new products into the freefrom

aisle - McVitie's Gluten-Free Original

Hobnobs and McVitie's Gluten-Free Milk

Chocolate Hobnobs. Rolling out in-store

during July, the new range is designed to

give all consumers the chance to enjoy a

McVitie's moment. The high proportion

of naturally gluten-free oats in McVitie's

Hobnobs allowed the recipe to be

converted without any compromise on

the biscuits' signature taste and crumbly

texture. Available in two variants - Original

and Milk Chocolate - the McVitie's

Gluten-Free Hobnobs will feature new

packaging, based on the conventional

McVitie's Hobnobs design.

Mr Lee's Noodles have gained

Sugarwise certification, which is awarded

based on the World Health Organization

(WHO) guidelines on sugar consumption.

Mr Lee's is a new gourmet, gluten free

instant noodle in a pot. With the finest

rice noodles and quality freeze-dried

ingredients, Mr Lee's noodles offer

maximum nutrition and flavour. Also Mr

Lee's is the first company to have been

approved by Compass Group before




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A GOOD CRACK: Rambling Free hen eggs, Waddling Free duck eggs, Foraging Free

quail eggs and Dabbling Free goose eggs from Blackacre Farm.


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