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ABOVE: Dudley Sutton (on left) with Steve Jacobs, who played

scandalous banker Obediah in the film version of Tin. He takes his

Desang Classic kitbag (below) with him on tour.

be having early hypo symptoms - it can

be confusing. I do a test to check what's

creating the symptoms. I've treated a

'hypo' without testing and realised later

it may not have been a hypo. I use an

Accu-Chek Mobile blood tester, which is

great for keeping close to me all the time.

No test strips or separate lancets. I tend

to keep everything in a Desang Classic

kitbag. I've had one for about 10 years.

Everything fits in and it also opens out to

be a little desk so you can do a test easily

anywhere. It's brilliant."

When it comes to hypos, he buys

Glucotabs in bulk online for himself and

his son. But usually if he feels a low

coming on and he's out and about he'll

buy some chocolate. He also keeps some

dried fruit in a tin in his rucksack which he

finds keeps him going if needed.

Much of Jacob's work with Miracle

Theatre and WildWorks is outdoors,

either in open-air theatres or in other open

spaces. He says, "I have a license to drive

the lorry with our gear in it, but I have to

see a consultant in Plymouth to have it

renewed. Because so much of our work

is open air we are constantly battling the

elements, but our audiences are loyal.

They bring sou'westers and flasks of

brandy, but the actors just have to keep

going in gales or hail. It's very rare that we

cancel. The Minack Theatre in particular

is stunning. The show sometimes pauses

if a shoal of dolphins goes by in the bay

behind it. It's great."

To keep up with Steve Jacob's

endeavours, see the following


The Desang Classic kitbag


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