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Supermarket news

Waitrose has introduced the UK's first

chicken that is a source of omega 3,

the polyunsaturated fatty acids which,

as a key part of a balanced diet, help to

maintain normal heart, brain and vision

function. Optimum health benefits are

obtained from a daily intake of 250mg of

omega 3 fatt¬y acids as part of a healthy

balanced diet and lifestyle. Despite

leading authorities recommending regular

consumption of foods containing omega

3, research suggests that only 23% of

the UK's adult population consumes the

recommended intake, generally classified

as at least one portion of oily fish per week.

Intake levels are particularly low in children

and young people. The new omega 3

chicken, which is unique to Waitrose, is

produced by Moy Park on family farms in

Northern Ireland to Waitrose's bespoke

high welfare standards, which include

plenty of natural light and more space than

the industry standards allowing the birds

to display natural behaviour. The chicken

is enriched by feeding the birds on a diet

containing an algae - the family of aquatic

plants that includes kelp and seaweed -

naturally rich in omega 3. The taste and

appearance of the chicken is the same as

birds reared on a conventional diet.

The project, which has taken a

decade to bring to market, came about

as a result of concerns within the medical

community that consumers were not

including enough sources of omega 3 in

their diets; this is of particular concern in

children, who often do not like oily fish.

To help improve intake, the idea was

conceived of developing a more popular

protein containing a source of omega 3.

Chicken is Waitrose's top-selling protein.

Initial trials demonstrated that people

eating enriched chicken for just five

weeks have increased levels of Omega

3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and see

measurable effects on their cardiovascular

health. Tests were carried out on 30

healthy participants whose omega 3

levels were measured after one, three and

five weeks of eating three servings per

week of omega 3 enriched chicken meat.

On average participants saw their levels of

omega 3s increase by 12%. A total of 10

different new products, including whole

chickens, breast fillets and thigh meat are

now on sale priced from £3.59 per kilo.

Uncaged melody

Another big supermarket,Tesco, is to stop

sourcing eggs from caged hens by 2025.

This comes after the retailer conducted

HOT+CHOC. The hottest

chilli for sale in the UK

from Tesco (far left). New

standards to come for

responsible sourcing of

cocoa, also Tesco (left).

HOT SHOT: This year's Pink

Lady food photographer of

the year competition is now

open for entries (below).


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