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a detailed review of its egg sourcing

strategy, which included consultation

with suppliers, industry experts and

other key stakeholders. The move is

the latest initiative designed to ensure

Tesco sources products in a sustainable

way. Tesco recently launched its Fair

For Farmers Guarantee for fresh milk,

which demonstrates how every own

label pint of milk helps support British

dairy farmers. Tesco has also introduced

guaranteed high value contracts for

British potato growers, and sustainable

farming programmes for lamb farmers

and producers of cheese. Earlier this

year the supermarket launched new fresh

produce ranges, including a number of

Farm Brands and its Perfectly Imperfect

range, which allows Tesco to take more

fresh produce from British growers, up

to 95% of their crop. Tesco has also

pledged to source more of the seafood it

offers customers in a sustainable way, in

partnership with the Marine Stewardship


Tesco has also announced all the

cocoa required for its own label chocolate

products sold in the UK will be from

Rainforest Alliance Certified sources by

the end of 2018. and ensure the cocoa

used in other Tesco UK products, such as

biscuits, cakes, desserts and cereals, will

be responsibly sourced by the same date

Reaping rewards

For heat freaks, the world's hottest chilli

pepper, the Carolina Reaper, has gone on

sale in Tesco stores across the UK. If you

thought the notorious Komodo Dragon -

a chilli pepper launched last year by Tesco

- was hot stuff then just wait till you try

the Carolina Reaper, officially the hottest

chilli pepper in the world according to the

Guinness Book Of Records, measuring

an average 1.5 million Scoville units*,

about 400 times hotter than a jalapeno,

the chilli pepper commonly used on spicy

take away or supermarket made pizzas.

Tesco chilli pepper buyer Phoebe

Burgess said, "The Carolina Reaper is

absolute meltdown material - it's one for

hot food connoisseurs. Despite it being

astonishingly hot it also has a wonderful

fruity taste. Only a sliver is needed to add

exciting flavour to your favourite curry. Last

year the Komodo Dragon became our

most popular chilli pepper ever and since

then we've been inundated with requests

from customers to see if we could go one

better. Thanks to the growing skills of our

chilli producer, we've done that."

The Carolina Reaper is being grown

by the UK's largest producer of chilli

peppers, Salvatore Genovese, whose

seven acre farm is in Bedfordshire. He

started growing chilli peppers 15 years

ago after he took over his parents'

cucumber business. Since then, chilli

peppers have become so popular that

he now grows about one million, or 15

tonnes, each week just to satisfy UK


Get happy, snappers!

The Pink Lady Food Photographer of

the Year 2017 is now underway. Now

open for entries, this year's awards will

be judged by food writer and reviewer

Jay Rayner, David Loftus (Jamie Oliver's

photographer), Thomas Gerwers

(Chairman, TIPA, Germany) and Paul

Burrows (Editor, Camera magazine,


Andy Macdonald, Managing Director

of Pink Lady Apples UK, says, "In just six

years, we have seen the Awards develop

into such an amazing International event,

with hugely qualified judges from the

world of photography and food, and

from all corners of the globe wishing to

be involved, all of which demonstrates

the importance of the awards. Last year

we received entries from more than 60

countries and a staggering 30,000 mouthwatering images have

been entered

into the competition since its inception.

These Awards are going from strength

to strength." Opposite page: last year's

winner, Mark Benham (UK) Flour Frenzy.

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