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"As you will imagine, diabetes does throw

up a few issues whilst touring and also

driving the truck means I have to focus on

keeping levels stable. It's not always easy

so I'm thinking about going on to a pump

in case that can improve things at all. I'm

waiting to find a window of time between

productions so I can concentrate on going

on a pump. At the moment I'm lucky to

have quite a bit of work on."

As well as his son joining our group

of people living with diabetes, Jacobs can

clearly remember his Auntie Rita who was

Type 1 and he remembers her doing her

injections. His other children, Luke and

Georgia are so far clear of the condition.

Jowan, as well as being a fellow diabetic,

is also an amateur actor. Jacobs recalls

catching the acting bug when the original

Poldark series was filmed locally and his

whole family ended up as extras. "I was at

school at the time, but we were either let

off (or I skived off, I can't remember), but

I was in it as an extra and so were friends

and parents. We were solders and miners

and met all the actors who were in it. I

even got paid for it!"

Being prepared

There's no doubt Jacobs leads an

interesting life that requires a lot of travel

as well as plenty of unavoidable and

unmovable deadlines - if he's in a show he

has to be at the venue with time to spare

without fail. "There's not much routine

with my job," he says, "Each project is

different. I'm very lucky that I've never

had a bad hypo on stage. I remember

one opening night when I felt myself going

low, so I was stood in the wings madly

chewing on sweets and drinking coke. I

was a bit shaky at the start of the play. But

I test a lot and I run my sugars a little high

if I'm going on stage and I can't test for a

while. I'll test two or three times before the

show and then at the interval."

He sometimes suffers from nerves

before a show, and he's noted that, "It

can be a challenge between going into

a hypo and just being nervous. You can

be shaky and ratty and sweaty just from

nerves as well as from a low blood sugar.

They can be very similar feelings. You can

be anxious about going low and actually

Actor Steve Jacobs in the play Barabas in Truro. Below, Jacobs

relies on his Accu-Chek Mobile blood test system, a limited

edition pink version is currently available.


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