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LIVING LIVING The message in this issue was that even

taking it carefully without diabetes, we’re

THE EMOTIONAL SIDE OF DIABETES no angels – a little bit of what you fancy

Feeling glum, a bit low, down in the dumps, got the blues? does you good, but keep your blood test

You’re not alone. Look around and see what’s out there that

can help you. This is what we’ve found. kit handy so you don’t spoil your Christmas


arlier this month there

was a National Stress

control, and we don’t like feeling that things

are out of our control. When it comes to

diabetes and we often have to ‘report in’

to our doctor too, which can sometimes

(bottom). Our news section reported on

the link between the flu virus and Type 1

Awareness Day. You diabetes, you can feel simultaneously in make us feel like we’re failing if all our

might not have been control and out of control. You may feel readings aren’t good oens. However, it’s

aware of it – probably too out of control because of how diabetes possible to become too focused on (and

stressed to either notice or care. Feeling affects your body. It is possible to feel therefore stressed about) that level of

stressed is not a depressive state, but

too much stress can lead you to feeling

out of control, and feel

that nothing is in your control anymore.

You can’t eat what you want when you

want. You have to take

control. You can start to feel if you don’t

do everything perfectly every day, then

you will damage yourself.

diabetes, in the kit pages (below) there

was a new 3-in-1 blood test meter from

that for long enough and It is estimated that medications or give To counteract the feeling of ‘too much

you could end up feeling yourself injections. You control’, just as with the out of control

bad. Let that happen

one in six people can start, perhaps, to feel feeling, it’s helpful to take a step back.

for long enough and in the UK will suffer that your body isn’t your Realize that you are doing the best you

you could be in danger

of being depressed. It

from depression in own anymore.

To counteract that

is estimated that one in their lifetime, and they ‘out of control’ feeling

can in managing your diabetes. Release

the expectation to do it ‘perfectly’. If you

are following your doctor’s instructions,

Beurer (below) . Then we had a spread on

celebrating Christmas with a curry courtesy

six people in the UK will won’t necessarily be take a step back and you are doing well and being healthy;

suffer from depression an objective look at the remember that and remind yourself of

in their lifetime, and they

living with diabetes. situation may help. You it when you start to stress about ‘doing

won’t necessarily be can say to yourself, “Yes, more’.

living with diabetes. diabetes makes me do

these things, but diabetes does not run

Even with the knowledge that you

have some control over diabetes, you experience depression succeed at

Reasons to be fearful? of chef Anjum Anand (bottom left).

Taking the long view my life.” A mantra along those lines— will still be emotionally vulnerable to overcoming it. Emotions are a normal Dealing with diabetes puts a lot of attention on blood glucose monitoring and

As we’ve said before, living with diabetes repeated at moments when you’re feeling frustration, anger, and discouragement— part of life -- just as diabetes is now a part insulin and medications—and those are important, of course, but there is an

of your life. If you address the emotions emotional side to diabetes that should be addressed too.

is a marathon not a sprint. You don’t get particularly out of control—can help. and that’s understandable. You may even

a day off, and you still have to get on Also, you can do a mental mind shift: all become depressed. swirling around diabetes as they come o Diabetes interrupts your day when you have to check your blood

with the rest of life just like anyone else – these steps you’re taking to manage your up, you will be taking a healthy step glucose.

commuting, paying the mortgage and so diabetes are actually proactive, healthy Diabetes and Depression toward better managing it.”

o Diabetes means you can’t just grab food whenever you want—you have

See the original article here.


on, you just do it with diabetes in the mix. steps. You are taking control of your If you think that you may be depressed, to plan around it.

This article first appeared on the condition and life as you learn how to you need to confront it, because studies

Diabetes Lifestyle website and is written thrive with diabetes. have shown that people who battle Forms of treatment o Diabetes frustrates you when you want a pastry not an apple.

by Matt Nilsen and works as a list of depression and diabetes together tend to There is an excellent overview of both

o Diabetes makes you worry about your future.

items that can build up to get you down. Diabetes and ‘being in control’ suffer more from diabetic complications. medical and alternative care on the MIND

By acknowledging them you can also try We’d all like to be in control, especially Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned website, ranging from anti-depressant All these stresses interrupts your emotional stability and introduces emotional

drugs to natural herbs and to behavioural complications, but it’s okay to be frustrated or overwhelmed or scared.

to deal with them. when it comes to having good blood about depression. You’ve got a lot to deal with, and if you need some support, go find it.


therapies. Among the more commonly

NEW 3-IN-1

“Let’s face it: most of us like being in glucose control. Control is a big deal in Fortunately, most people who

continued over

BLOOD TEST Actegy’s Revitive circulation booster has made its

METER market debut in the UK. Designed to help people

with circulation disorders, the device uses

electrical stimulation to significantly increase

The new Beurer GL50 blood test the blood flow in the feet and legs. The idea

meter boasts 3-in1 functionality – is to improve leg health and help alleviate the

a lancing device, LCD monitor on symptoms of poor circulation by stimulating

which to read your blood test results, the foot and leg muscles to increase blood flow

plus a plug-in USB from which you and reduce pain and swelling in the lower legs

LIVING MAKING CARBS COUNT LIVING can download them. Included on-

board is software, and all of htis is

and feet. An ongoing advertising campaign features

Sir Steve Redgrave, who’s a well-known diabetic.

housed in a ‘stick’ format. It retails at around £220 but is available with£50 off at the moment from

The meter kit enables safe, www.revitive.com


easy, regular and timely monitoring.

You can also send info to your

health care professionals using

the meter’s built-in GlucoMemory

software through which you can

take advantage of statistical analysis,

trend analysis and graphics to


improve your therapy in consultation

with your HCP.

It’s code-free and results show

in 5 seconds. Alternative site testing

is also possible (use your upper arm

instead of a finger if you fancy), there’s


a large, easy-to-read illuminated

itting into the legume Heinz, which has been selling tinned LCD readout and the whole thing

category, beans are baked haricot beans for more than two Easy options with measures 123 x 28 x 16mm.

considered a food group centuries, have branched out with other tasty outcomes The Beurer GL50 3-in-1 compact

of their own in Brazil. flavours, heading to Mexico and India for device is available from Argos in

Recent research inspiration. Showing the cultural variety of bean January 2013 priced at £39.99.

has linked bean intake to lower risk Back British shores, Christina dishes, the easy bean range includes

of type 2 diabetes and many types of Baskerville, is the managing director of the following dishes. Carb values are

cardiovascular disease. Further research gourmet meal specialists Easy Bean. given per 100g. Some recipes use peas

has shown that black beans provide She points out that beans and legumes “My mission is to show everyone or lentils -- similar to beans in terms of

special support for digestive tract health, come in a wonderful variety of tastes how versatile and healthy a protein and carb profiles.

and particularly colon health. Other than and textures and are one of our most meal made with beans can be.

African Palava: A West African hotpot

in soybeans, the fat in beans is practically important sources of protein, nutrients Beans have more fibre than

non-existent. and vitamins. They are also good for and a colourful profusion of Fairtrade

many wholegrains, are virtually brown beans, free-range chicken,

the environment because they add vital

fat free and are high in protein. peanuts, sweet potatoes and spinach,

Full of beans nitrogen to the soil as they grow.

Besides fibre, protein and other nutrients, Baskerville says, “Beans are eaten Our meals are as tasty as they 8.2g per 100g.

beans are rich in iron (which can help all over the world and are central to are healthy. They are low in salt New Mexican Chilli: Fairtrade red beans

prevent anaemia), magnesium (important traditional recipes in many continents. and are handmade in small with sweet peppers, tomatoes, spiked with

the jalapeño chilli, 8.6g per 100g.

for heart and bone health) and B vitamins They can be used to create really tasty batches.” -- Christina Baskerville

(especially folic acid, which helps prevent meals quickly, easily and deliciously. Moroccan Tagine: A hotpot of slow-

Some people think of beans as a plain cooked chickpeas, Mediterranean

cancer, heart disease and birth defects).

vegetables, apricots and aromatic

So, beans are high in protein, which

(continued over) spices, 7.5g per 100g.

fills you up, as well as being low in

Spanish Puchero (above): Fairtrade

calories. What they are however, if full of

haricot beans, chorizo sausage and an

carbs. First off, there are a lot of beans,

oak-smoked paprika from the Extremadura

the nutritional content of which varies a

region of Spain, 7.5g per 100g.

little, but in the main they average 75%

Indian Sambar: Toor Dhal peas

carbs, 20% protein and 5% fat.

simmered slowly with coconut and

tamarind juice and finished with chunky

Worldwide inspiration

vegetables and mustard seeds, 12.1g

A typical serving (a cup full of cooked

per 100g.

beans) would be – on average – about

French Cuisinées: Green lentil and

40 carbs. Watch out for tinned, baked

sweet chestnut simmered with classic

beans, as they will be higher – Boston

vegetables, rosemary and thyme, 0.1g

baked beans are cooked with molasses

per 100g.

and salt pork, so they’re sugary and

salty. Canadians add maple syrup.




Part of the many Christmas traditions is turkey curry, made

An imagined match of the Spice Tailor’s curries to a selection of

from the remains of the Christmas day meal. What is also

peppery people of politics

regularly quoted these days is that chicken tikka masala

is one of the nations favourite dishes. So we thought we’d

Delicate Korma Curry...Vince Cable on the table.

take a look at a new range of Indian sauces that can pep Mild mannered and liked by all, but with Mangalore Herb Curry...Theresa May

up any dish. the punch and class to grace any table Never less than fragrant but always

this classic dish is - like it’s political alter packing a powerful punch, this dish was

ego - a true British gem. a bit of a local secret before exploding

onto the international scene. Not afraid to

Rogan Josh...Boris Johnson make a statement and stand out from the


Bold and distinctive, this rich sauce loves crowd, this is something a little different

njum Anand’s range goes on. For protein, meat and pulses like to take centre stage - a popular choice and would turn heads at any table.

of Indian sauces are chickpeas and lentils are great additions that has made itself a household name up

rather fun, as the too. My range is a versatile base to cook and down the country. Keralan Coconut Curry....George

spices are packed up your preferred ingredients.” Osbourne Smooth, rich and an acquired

separately to prepare, Spiced Spinach Curry....Nick Clegg taste, this luxurious creamy curry has

so you have a small amount of actual Often thought of a side dish, this curry been known to cause quite a stir in the

cooking to do -- the aromatic bit! is fuelled by an injection of exotic spice fine dining world, but is able to stand up

Anjum says: “Spices have been and has the unique ability to take on to many different ingredients and can

used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine subtly different notes depending on which present itself beautifully at any table.

as a way of combating illness, fighting Britain’s favourite foods, ingredient you add to it...At its best when

fitness and maintaining good health and according to Spice Tailor combined with powerful flavours. Original Tikka Massala...Winston

modern medicine is reflecting this -- research carried out in Churchill Born into riches, this truly is the

researchers in the US have indicated that September 2012 Punjab tomato curry....Ed Milliband king of the curries - the original and the

curcurmin, found in turmeric, may help True to its colour, this dish is not an obvious best. Loved by people of all ages around

in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. It choice and is sometimes overshadowed, the world, this British hero dish has seen

1. Tikka Masala

has also been suggested that cinnamon, but behind its plain façade is a sauce that it all and is perfectly balanced to win out

2. Korma can work with many different ingredients

which adds sweet warmth to Indian food, any battle of flavours - never has so much

3. Beef Wellington and is prepared to fight hard for its place been owed by so many to so few...

may improve blood glucose levels and

blood fats in people with Type 2 diabetes.

4. Cottage Pie

Curries can therefore be delicious and 5. Toad in the hole

good for you too as part of a balanced 6. Steak and Ale Pie Spice Tailor carb info: Carbohydrates vary depending on the sauce:

diet. Punjabi Tomato Curry: 7.7g

Vegetable curries are a great way to Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast (Quadrille, Spiced Spinach Curry: 6.3g Food enthusiasts who are short of time

help you to meet your five-a-day as so www.quadrille.co.uk) was launched in Rustic Rogan Josh: 10.2g can cooking authentic meals at home

many vegetables are delicious in a curry. September. The Spice Tailor range is Delicate Korma Curry: 8.4g in minutes: A pack of whole spices are

Mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, courgettes available from Waitrose, Booths, Ocado Keralan Coconut Curry: 11.9g added to oil to release their essential oils,

can be included in a curry, and the list and www.thespicetailor.com Mangalore Herb Curry: 6.6g adding a intense depth of flavour. The

Original Tikka Masala: 8.9g finished curry is ready in 10 minutes.

continued over


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