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In response to a review published in the human studies was provided to support cooked meat (70g per day). This

journal, Advances in Nutrition, which these views.” includes both lean and processed meat.

suggested that high intakes of processed Dr Ruxton adds, “On the point about iron Surveys show that, on average, Brits eat

red meat were associated with an intakes, here in the UK we have a problem 72g of red and processed meat per day

increased risk of type 2 diabetes, Dr Carrie with low, not high, iron intakes. Around 30% suggesting that, in the UK, we are eating

Ruxton from the Meat Advisory Panel of young women have low iron stores, while the right amount of meat.

comments, “Red meat is a key source of 10% of females are iron deficient. Intakes of

iron and zinc in the British diet, nutrients iron across the board are either similar to,

that are lacking in some groups. Red meat or lower than, recommended daily amounts.

is also a rich source of B vitamins. This Low intakes of red meat increase the risk of

new review evaluated old survey data, iron deficiency. Type 2 diabetes’ main risk

mainly from the US, which linked high factors are obesity, age, physical inactivity

intakes of processed meat with type 2 and genetic inheritance. There is no

diabetes. The authors speculated that iron evidence from controlled studies in humans

intakes boosted inflammation leading to that red or processed meat intake increases

diabetes; and that substances produced the risk of developing it.”

during the cooking of meat were a cause The Department of Health recommends www.meatmatters.com

of diabetes. However, no evidence from to have no more than 500g per week


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