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If you’re daunted by cooking at home,

these practical books might let you lose

that fear, and you needn’t worry about

your budget either. Romilla Arber is the

founder of the Food Education Trust, an

independent charity. This provides children

and adults with cookery skills so they can

learn how to make good, nutritious, home

cooked meals from scratch and rely less

on processed and pre-packed foods.

Romilla suggests people simply eat a more

balanced diet, one with a broader mix of

main ingredients, reducing the reliance

on processed meat products. In addition,

eating a wider variety of meals would make

family’s diets more enjoyable and healthier.

In the four years since it began, the

Food Education Trust has touched the

lives of thousands of people. Funding

comes solely from sales of Romilla’s

cookery books “What’s for Dinner?” and

the award-winning “What’s for Dinner?

Second Helpings.” These two books

have raised over £20,000 to date, all of

which is invested in the trust.

Romilla says, “There is an enormous

lack of food education within schools and

adult education centres, many children

are unable to identify everyday vegetables

such as leeks, butternut squash and

courgettes, but can recognize logos

belonging to leading fast food chains.”

Keeping your balance

It is her contention that, “As a nation our

diet is deteriorating rapidly.” She says

this is largely due to the large quantities

of processed foods we are consuming

on a daily basis. “The number of families

preparing meals from scratch has

key is for more people to cook proper

dinners from scratch.”

She continues, “Eating mostly just

“ Dieticians recommend we should

split our diets between different

reduced. Both my books wholly fund one or two food types simply doesn’t

types of meat, fish and vegetable

the Food Education Trust and each one deliver all the nutrients our bodies need,

based dinners.

is packed full of simple, easy recipes dieticians recommend we should split

which illustrate cooking with basic, raw

ingredients need not be difficult. The

our diets between different types of

meat, fish and vegetable based dinners; ”


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