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Our feature (right) took a look at the main It can be said you’re never alone with a

numbers you need to be aware of to keep pump, as there’s sophisticated support in

your overall health in check, from HbA1c place should you need it (below). But nor

to cholesterol. In the news, Omnipod are you alone with a meter, as suppliers

brought out its smallest pod, a boon for now give excellent advice over the ‘telling

anyone keen on progressing onto a patch bone’. Just pick it up and dial. News

pump. Making Carbs Count focused in pages reported an update on research

on soy beans. It’s amazing what those into the artificial pancreas, plus a video

little beans give us to eat (and drink!). of the Omnipod insulin pump (bottom).






There’s excellent support on

the end of the line


We investigated a question of trust, looking into how bolus wizards work as they come

out of the pump technology arena and into more everyday blood test meterb options

(bottom left). News items showed how Metformin not only helps T2s with insulin

sensitivity but has proven hearth health benefits too. Then there’s info on T1 and the

bugs in your guts and how fizzy drinks are really not very good for you. In our KIT making

carbs count:

pages (bottom right), we spoke to the designer of the new Savvio Humpan from Eli THE bEnEfiTs of bEETrooT

Lilly. Making Carbs Count went seasonal with the gentle delights of British asparagus. PLUS • New Products • Groovy giveaways • News (for T1 and T2)






diabetes magazine Tom Brobson has recently taken part in an artificial pancreas clinical trial, and

At Diabetes UK’s annual professionals The designer of the pen, Stuart Garvin, Lilly still provides prefilled pens, but made a video about his experience. Tom is the National Director for Research

conference which took place in Manchester is an industrial engineer and is responsible for those who ‘think green’, then these Investment Opportunities at JDRF in the US and has been involved in a number

in mid-March, Lilly launched its latest in for the look, feel and actions of the pen – reusable pens are designed to last up of artificial pancreas trials over a number of years. He took part in this trial, which

the HumaPen range, the Savvio. It’s been for example, the injection mechanism has to six years with far less impact on the took the system out of the hospital into the real world, wearing the artificial

engineered to resemble a small personal an improved, smoother injection force. environment. Says Stockley, “They’re pancreas for three days and nights as part of a clinical trial run by a group of

accessory rather than a medical device “You can stick it in a jacket pocket, and no really ‘touchable’. They feel more of a researchers at the University of Virginia. JDRF has helped this research progress

and has been designed following feedback one would know it’s a medical device. It’s quality product and look less medical.” from a concept to a working system that is now in clinical trials outside of a

from people with diabetes who wanted lighter than its predecessor, the action is The pens even comes in a rather hospital setting. Similar trials are currently being conducted in the UK by Dr

to manage their diabetes discreetly. The smoother when delivering the insulin and snazzy box, so that – like any quality Roman Hovorka at the University of Cambridge, some of the funds for which

market research took place in six countries. it’s more accurate. We’ve used darker purchase – the experience is a joy from are provided by JDRF. ARTIFICIAL PUMP TRIAL

The research team spent a day-in-the life inks and added a red dot indicator to help the start. “There are elements of pleasure

with patients in their own homes to gather people give the correct dose. These small all the way through,” says Garvin, “the


real-life understanding of how they use but significant improvements. They’re also only problem is you might have problems

their insulin devices and the challenges highly durable.” choosing which colour to go for.”

they face.

The HumaPen Savvio is easy to dial

Dr. Katharine Barnard, Health Psychologist and Senior Research Fellow at the

and dose and features smooth glide force

Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton is conducting research into

an easy-to-use cartridge holder. It comes

minimising the risk of alcohol for young adults with Type 1 diabetes. The project

in blue, graphite, green, silver, pink and

is using an online survey to reach T1s aged 18-30 years. The survey, which is

red and is available for use with Lilly’s

funded with a small grant from Diabetes UK, needs 1,000 responses. The survey

3ml insulin cartridges, which include the

Humalog and Humulin brands of insulin consists of a ’10-drink quiz’ related to alcohol content and the self-management

and doses from 1 to 60 units in one- strategies that young T1s use to stay safe when drinking.

unit increments (a half-unit option may Participants are invited to complete the web survey provided at the link below,

could you trust

a bolus wizard?

come later). It comes with an insufficient which will take approximately 10-15 minutes. It asks questions related to alcohol

remaining dose feature that prevents the health literacy, diabetes and the strategies that participants use to stay safe while

user from dialing more units than those drinking alcohol. Click link to complete the survey: Alcohol Survey.

remaining in the cartridge. The cartridge

changing mechanism is also easier – just

twist and click. It fits any brand of pen


“I want my patients to feel confident

about managing their condition and

being able to get on with everyday living,”


says Susan Stockley, Lead Diabetes

making Specialist Nurse from East Surrey The DUAG group (Dafne User Group)

Hospital. “People with diabetes handle has set up an e-petition to try and

carbs their devices every day and to some, persuade the government to provide

a central source of funding for


the device reminds them that they are

on important medication and ‘different’. diabetes education. The intention is

This new insulin pen blends in with their to help avoid the postcode lottery that

top asparagus tips accessories and feels personalised, plus can affect diabetes education. The

the size means they can be more discreet aim is to get 100,000 signatures by

when administering.” To get a HumaPen Savvio, speak to your diabetes nurse. November. DIABETES E-PETITION

PLUS • New Products • Groovy giveaways • News (for T1 and T2)

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