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Artificial pancreas goes home. An

Medtronic MiniMed is voluntarily recalling update on the ‘closed loop’ diabetes

certain manufacturing lots of model MMT- management system as it comes out

326A (Paradigm Reservoir 1.76ml) and of the hospital environment and into the

MMT-332A (Paradigm Reservoir 3 ml) home.

insulin reservoirs used with our Paradigm Click HERE to read more…

insulin pumps. The company is recalling

these reservoirs due to the potential that

reservoirs from these lots are at increased Diabetes in Vietnam surges. Read


risk for leaking. A leak in the reservoir about how changes in diet and lifestyle

may result in delivery of less insulin than are tking thier toll in this developing

intended and, if there is an occlusion in country.

the infusion set, the pump may not alarm. Click HERE to read more…

Our investigation has indicated that

this increased potential for reservoir

leakage is related to abnormal wear Could skimmed milk be making you

of a manufacturing tool involved in the fat? Just when you thought you were

production of a component used in the doing yourself a favour, now a new study

affected lots of reservoirs. We have says low-fat dairy might be part of the

implemented additional testing and problem, not the solution.

inspection steps to ensure that currently Click HERE to read more…

produced reservoirs will not be subject to For info on insulin

this problem. pumps and airport

Pump users need to log on to www.

security, see p. 12. Diabetes now a disease. Over the US,

medtronic-diabetes.info to check if where they have five times the population

their lot is affected. and ten times the diabetes than the UK,

diabetes has now been classifed as a

disease. But does it really qualify?


Divine Chocolate, the Fairtrade company 45% owned by cocoa farmers, has introduction

Type 1 vaccination. Research continues

of two delicious new flavours to its snack-size range -- Divine Caramel Milk Chocolate

for a vaccine to prevent the development

and Divine 70% Dark Chocolate

of Type 1 diabetes, prevention being

with Ginger & Orange. They add

greater than a cure perhaps.

to the range of six flavours which

Click HERE to read more…

now come in 40g size. The new

Caramel bars are now available in

Oxfam nationwide and from some

The impact of marijuana use on blood


glucose. Maybe wacky backy can help

with glucose control and weight loss...

Click HERE to read more…


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