counting carbohydrates


“We’re particularly interested in Great British Fava Beans Facts

searching out less well-known foods, British fava beans are new to the domestic market

like the fava bean, which we still grow All products grown on farms in the UK

and export but haven’t eaten in Britain High protein (25%) and fibre (28%)

for centuries,” says Nick. “Once a staple High carbohydrate (28%)

part of our diet in Britain, our home-grown Low glycemic index (GI)

dried beans and peas became a forgotten Low fat, low sodium

ingredient as increasing wealth meant we Perfect for gluten free falafel

ate more meat and dairy products in the

18th and 19th centuries, replacing pulses

as the main source of protein. While we “Hodmedods are bringing these delicious

still produce over half a million tonnes of

fava beans in the UK every year, they are but neglected British-grown ingredients back

either fed to livestock or exported to the

Middle East and North Africa.”

into the limelight”


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