keeping insulin cool



The case for keeping insulin cool


hose of us living with all your kit together can be made simpler

diabetes have to carry a with bags and carriers from suppliers

lot of clobber about with such as Desang, Frio and Medicool.

us. Making it easy to carry Desang kitbags are designed to stick

around means that it starts both the monitoring (blood testing stuff)

to stand a chance of actually being used and medication (insulin stuff) together in

– it also makes it easier to take it with you one good-looking place then slip into your

on holidays and other trips. own bag (see the Slim, pictured right).

You will save yourself a lot of bother if Frio bags specialise in keeping insulin

you get yourself fully kitted out with good cool and protected, great for those

diabetes management equipment and a travelling to warm locations. Medicool

diabetes kitbag or carrier so that you can bags keep all your kit together and keeps

get on with you life while also living with it cool. Prices vary according to model of

diabetes. For any diabetic traveling the bag. Suppliers include Diabetes Express

hassle of getting through customs with and


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