Surrey-based Hogs Back Brewery is

predicting a healthy first harvest of its hop

garden in September, with an expected

crop of around 1,500 kilos, enough hops

for 25% of their beer output. The 3.5acre

hop garden, which was planted

last year adjacent to the brewery, is the

biggest owned by a brewery in the UK.

Hogs Back planted three hop varieties:

Fuggles, used in its flagship TEA ale;

Cascade, used in its fast-growing Hogstar

English Lager; and Farnham White Bine.

The latter variety, originally developed in

the early 1700s just a mile and a half from

the current brewery, made the Farnham

area a centre of the hop farming industry

during the 18th and 19th centuries. Hogs

Two of Devon's artisan food producers - Okemoor and Boom Kitchen -- have joined

forces to create a new range of fiery gourmet pies in Tarka Masala and Lady Naga

flavours. The pies have just been awarded the highly commended Taste of the West Gold

and Silver awards. The Gold award winning Boom Tikka Tarka curry pie is handmade by

Okemoor with ground coconut and almonds and British chicken using Boom Kitchen's

marinade and spice mixes including fenugreek, turmeric, paprika and cumin. If you like

more heat, Boom Lady Naga curry pie is named after the Naga Jolokia Chilli, which is

renowned for its heat. The Silver award winning pie uses top quality West Country chuck

steak beef. Four-inch pies are £3.60.


We all know we should keep hydrated in

order to keep our skin, mind and body

healthy, but many thirst quenchers are

loaded with added sugar, chemicals and

calories. The drinks in the Ovio InFusion

range are infused from olive leaves and

as a result have more antioxidants in them

than green tea. The leaves are also jampacked with

detoxifying polyphenols and

flavonoids. These naturally low sugar

drinks are organic, flavourful and low in

calories (only 28 calories per bottle, and

under 3g of carbs in each

100ml). The olive trees

that the leaves come from

generally live from 300-600

years (some even older).

Today's Olympic athletes

used olive leaf infusions to

hydrate and revitalize. The

infusions come in three

flavours: cool cucumber

and juniper; strawberry,

and elderberry; lemon and



Back Brewery owner Rupert Thompson

says, "Historically, some British brewers

grew hops for their beers, but it was rare

and highly dependent on the location

and soil type. Reviving this tradition not

only provides a more environmental and

local solution to a global shortage of

aroma hops but it's also making us more

knowledgeable brewers. Last year we

learned, for example, that we get a more

intense aroma from hops that are left on

the bine until the leaves start to brown,

which we wouldn't know unless we

were checking our hop plants regularly."

Hogs Back Beer is widely available in

supermarkets and pub chains such as JD

Wetherspoon and Greene King.


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