Menarini's QuickLink and GlucoLog Lite


QuickLink and Glucolog Lite

app. Right, a screenshot of

the RapidCalc app.

diabetic. She says, "We pride ourselves

on creating NHS approved, very well

designed, trustworthy and high quality

health apps. So we hope you agree that

Cook & Count Android is looking great,

works like a dream and, importantly,

supporting your patients in cooking at

home while comfortably knowing the

carbs, cals and other nutritional value of

their food. We have had some brilliant

reviews on GooglePlay already. "

With this Android launch, Cook &

Count is now available to over 92% of

smartphone and tablet owners in the

UK. Wilder adds, "As well as for many

smartphones, we have optimised the

design for the Tesco Hudl2 because

that is the most affordable new tablet

on the market at £99.00 and has had

great reviews. We encourage you to

get in touch with us with any feedback,

comments and suggestions, as we are

always seeking to improve Cook & Count

app wherever possible. Happy cooking!"

Download the Android app HERE.

Glucolog Lite app

The GlucoMen Areo, the newest blood

test meter from Menarini (see KIT on p.) ,

features QuickLink technology. This uses

NFC (Near Field Communication), the

technology that is used for contactless

payments with your debit card (if enabled).

NFC is currently NOT available on iPhones,

though it's likely to come soon as even

Apple uses NFC for ApplePay. QuickLink

is free to download and is very easy to

use working with Menarini's Glucolog Lite

app. It means that the basic electronic

logbook in your meter is automatically put

into your phone via QuickLink.

NFC needs to be turned on in your

smartphone, though the meter does not

need to be turned on in order to do the

data transfer. Anything stored on the

meter is brought across. Just hold your

meter and your phone back to back and

the data is automatically transferred and


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