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Cook & Count Carbs

The Android version of this app is now

available on the GooglePlay app store.

Cook & Count Carbs is a nutritional

app for people with diabetes specifically

designed for use with home cooking.

Some people with Type 1 diabetes use

ready meals or processed foods because

they can read the carb amounts on the

packaging and feel safer judging their

insulin doses having that knowledge. Now

they can cook any recipe they like, see the

carbs per portion, and save it in their own

digital recipe book.

It's also great for educating calorie

awareness and portion control for those

with Type 2 diabetes, or wishing to lose

weight. Portion control and awareness are

moving higher up on the obesity agenda.

The Cochrane systematic review on

portion sizes published recently is a huge

review of studies between 1993 and 2013

showing that most portion sizes have

increased over time. And portion sizing

significantly influences how much we eat.

The app is designed by Deborah

Wilder, now the director of Health Apps

Ltd, who is the mother of a type 1 GET COOKING: Images of

the Cook & Count Carbs

app, now on Android as well

as iTunes.



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