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LIVINGLIVINGcontinued over

is ready to view as logbook, graph, and

so on. You can then email the information

direct to an HCP, if you wish. Within the

app you can set high and low thresholds,

add comments and edit, adding in

information such as carbs eaten or insulin

inputted, or sport undertaken with meal

and exercise markers.

You can get the Glucolog Lite app

on Android (NFC) or Apple (Bluetooth).

There's a clip-on Bluetooth device for

the Areo meter so it can be used with an

iPhone too.

Also under development in association

with Menarini is the Android version of

the currently Apple-only RapidCalc app.

RapidCalc is a sophisticated bolus insulin

dose calculator for diabetics on insulin.

It has intelligent tracking of insulin on

board (insulin still in your system), can

calculate your carbohydrate-to-insulin

ratio and you can modify your ideal blood

glucose targets. As a result, RapidCalc

can dramatically simplify blood glucose

management. It is designed to be easy to

use and easy to live with.

£5.99 on iTunes.

Philips Healthcare

On average, people with diabetes make

up to 180 decisions about their health

every day, collecting and evaluating

valuable information on personal and

medical factors from blood sugar levels

to exercise to food choices. The care

team of people living with diabetes can

add up to more than 10 different types

of caregivers. This makes living with

diabetes complex to self-manage and

for many also very stressful. To address

this, Philips Healthcare has introduced a

diabetes app with integrated community,

meaning that it enables connected care

for patients and clinicians. The app is

believed to be the first of its kind and has

been produced in conjunction with Dutch

Radboud university medical centre.

It is hoped that this app will help SMART MOVES: The iHealth Glucosmart app with the

iHealth-Align blood test meter plugged into a smart phone.


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