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The brainchild of farmer Adam Palmer

and his wife, Jennie, Charlie & Ivy's is a

range of 17 British rapeseed oil based

gourmet dipping oils, dressings and

mayonnaise that designed for home

entertaining. Included in the range are

Mediterranean inspired Garlic, Oregano &

Balsamic, as well as zingy and spicy Chilli,

Ginger & Garlic and G&T-inspired Lemon,

Balsamic and Juniper Berry as well as

warming Cumin, Chilli & Coriander Seed.

In addition to dipping, the flavoursome oils

are delicious when added to pasta and

pizza and for drizzling on salads. All of the

dipping oils are suitable for vegetarians

and vegans, GM and gluten free and each

200ml bottle costs £6.00.

Adam and Jennie Palmer established

award-winning Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

in 2008. With a team of close family and

friends, they press, bottle and label their

own oil at North Breckenholme Farm in

Thixendale, North Yorkshire. The new

brand is named after the Palmers' two

young children. All the rapeseed pressed

for the Charlie & Ivy's range is grown on

the farm or in the surrounding area on the

chalky Wolds soil. The Natural Rapeseed

Oil is cold-pressed once only which means

no chemicals are used in the extraction of

the oil from the seed. It contains half the

saturated fat and 11 times the omega 3 of

olive oil, as well as being a good source of

omega 6 and 9. Charlie & Ivy's rapeseed

oil is GM free.

POSH pop brand Breckland Orchard has

annaounced the creation of a 'no sugar'

range to add to its award-winning drinks

portfolio making it the first producer of

premium glass bottle presse style drinks

to shift to a 'super low calorie' option with

no added sugar. While all of the current

Breckland Orchard range is made with

a spring water base and is limited in the

use of sugar, the three new products are

specifically designed to appeal to those

for whom 'no sugar' is the absolute

preference and are therefore a good

bet for anyone with diabetes. Labelled

the Posh Pop Lighter range, the three

initial flavours are Cloudy Lemonade,

Elderflower and Ginger Beer with Chilli.

The calorie level of each of the new

presses is also minimal.

Breckland Orchard was founded in

2009 by Claire Martinsen and was in part

inspired by her grandmother's homemade

sparkling drinks. She says, "As a mother

myself I know keeping sugar down for

children is important, but also for adults

who want to have a refreshing hydrating

drink which isn't piled with teaspoons of

sugar. It also happens to be a good option

for those watching their sugar intake

because of a condition like diabetes."



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