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Diabetes UK is working with the

NHS on a major plan to address

Type 2 diabetes as well as commmitting large amounts to finding

a cure for Type 1 on p.8. Sue Marshall


Jump in the Thames, make a bit of

a splash and help raise funds for

JDRF. For more news see p.10. Not everyone with diabetes wants to be a member

of Diabetes UK, and may wonder what the charity

does. But in March it announced two Very Big

Ideas, one for T1 and one for T2 that directly address the

continued stress the condition(s) have on society, on a

personal, communal and financial level. We've dedicated the

lead feature to these, though you are likely to have read a

little about both when the conference with happening in midMarch.

There's other news, and plenty of food info including

a Q&A with Sydney-based diabetic chef Michael Moore,

author of the cookbook Blood Sugar. Still on the scent of

scrumptiousness, in Making Carbs Count it's roasting garlic

we can smell...

Editor's comment...




PLUS • New Products • Groovy giveaways • News (for T1 and T2)



But business as usual is best for

diabetics at Christmas





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Chef Michael Moore didn't let

his diagnosis get in the way of

his career and passion, instead

he used it to start a range of

diabetes-healthy cookbooks. p.



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