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options, therefore not ideal, but the

info is interesting. -- Sue Marshall

"Evidenced-based structured education is the only long-term answer available to the

NHS in meeting the challenge posed by the increase in prevalence of Type 2 diabetes",

says Bernie Stribling, the director of DESMOND, a national NHS programme. She was

commenting following the publication of a new report released in early March by the AllParty

Parliamentary Group for Diabetes, which found poor delivery of diabetes education

was leading to devastating complications and huge costs to the NHS. The report titled

Taking control: Supporting people with diabetes found that only 16% of people

newly diagnosed with diabetes are offered access to a formal course.

Stribling said, "With diabetes prevalence continuing to rise, the NHS is faced with

a huge challenge. Structured education programmes are a proven method to enable

supported self-care in diabetes. We believe structured diabetes education is the only

long-term answer. People with diabetes have a demanding condition to manage, yet on

average they see a healthcare professional for an hour a year only. One hour of support

out of a total of 8,766 to help them manage a condition which, if neglected, could lead

to blindness, a lost limb or an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack. That's 525,900

minutes that a person is left alone to manage their condition."


'Curvy Girl Yoga' for the fuller figure has been created by yoga expert Charlie

Merton and launches on Yoogaia on April 17th. Charlie says, "For long enough,

some women have been made to feel inferior and inflexible in the yoga world. I

can prove that you don't have to be thin to be flexible and strong - we believe fit is

more important than thin and this class will help to spread this positive message." launched in Finland in 2013 and has a huge following there, attracting

funding for international expansion due to the huge number of registered users.

Annual and monthly subscriptions are available from only £15.00 per month. As

well as live, real time classes, it has a huge selection of pre-recorded classes

covering a whole range of Yoga, Pilates and Barre Tone workouts and meaning

you can now train whenever and wherever via your tablet/laptop/mobile phone.


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