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There has been a lot in the press about

dementia, including the increased risk of

dementia in people with diabetes. The

March 2015 Newsletter from InDependent

Diabetes Trust [IDDT] contains an article

about dementia and whether screening

the over 65s is a sensible way to proceed.

Research suggests that there is a 20-year

lead time for cognitive decline, so there

is time to prevent or delay the onset of

dementia by changes to a healthier

lifestyle. IDDT has a series of booklets to

help people change their lifestyle If you

would like a copy of the March Newsletter,

email" target="_blank" title="Visit">


JDRF has teamed up with the organisers

of The Henley Swim to offer people the

chance to swim a mile in the River Thames

to raise awareness of diabetes and funds

for the charity.

It takes place at Henley-on-Thames

on Sunday 12 July. Registration costs

£25 and the minimum sponsorship target

is £175. Adults can choose from two

distances with a number of competitive

and non-competitive categories. So

whether you're an experienced open

water swimmer or new to swimming, this

is the perfect challenge for you. Kids (aged

8 to 14) can choose from three distances:

the Henley Half Mile, the Henley Quarter

or the Henley Splash (200m).


Cambridge University research has found

that exercise is crucial in the longevity of

human life and more important than obesity

in terms of causing avoidable deaths. A

quick 20-minute walk each day can be

effective in avoiding an early death following

a study of over 334,000 people in a 12-

year period which revealed the importance

of exercise compared with bodyweight.

The participants of this research had an

average age of 50 and had their waist

sizes, weight and height measured.

June Davison, Senior Cardiac Nurse

at the British Heart Foundation, said: "The

research suggests that just a modest

increase in physical activity can have

health benefits. Adults should aim to do

at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity

activity a week, carrying it out in sessions

of 10 minutes or more."

Professor Ulf Ekelund, from the

Medical Research Council Epidemiology

Unit at Cambridge University believes

exercise should be prioritised into daily

routines. He commented on the research

results saying, "Although we found that

just 20 minutes would make a difference,

we should really be looking to do more

than this. Physical activity has many

proven health benefits and should be an

important part of our daily life."


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