New diabetes management equipment


Abbott Diabetes Care,

which currently has

the Freestyle range of

blood test meters, is

about to launch a new

blood glucose gizmo, the FreeStyle

Libre. This is an interesting concept, halfway between normal blood testing and

(CGM). The Libre involves a sensor that

is unobtrusively worn on the body which

takes an interstitial body fluid reading

every minute. You pass the reader over

the sensor (pictured on the right) in order

to capture the data (it can read through

several layers of clothing).

Most people have only heard of CGM,

a few have trialled it and even fewer have

funding for the technology, while some

self-fund. There are several issues that

have lead to the low uptake of CGM

technology, the first of which is cost.

There is als a perceived fiddly-ness to

do with the technology, and then there's

the dense amount of data that CGM

gernerates, which you need to get a

handle on. It can be hard work, but once

it 'clicks', then there can be a lot of value

to be gained from wearing CGM sensors.

This piece of kit is not

yet available, but it is

coming soon. Read our

next issue where there

will be more information. Also, start talking

to your DSN about it,

or visit the website

(below) where you can

buy your own sensors.

A starter pack of two

sensors and a reader

costs . Each sensor

lasts up to 14 days.



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