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On 19 September Prime Minister David

Cameron visited the manufacturing site

for Abbott's blood test strips and new

Libre sensors at a location within his

Witney constituency. He hailed Abbott's

breakthrough new glucose monitoring

technology for diabetes care as a prime

example of medical innovation that is

driving growth and creating jobs in the UK's

high-performing life sciences sector. The

new monitoring system is a revolutionary

technology designed to reduce the number

of finger prick tests being done by diabetics

by enabling glucose readings by swiping a

handheld reader over a small sensor worn on

the body. The sensor lasts up to 14 days and

automatically measures, captures and stores

actionable glucose data for eight hours.

Devised by Abbott's global R&D team

headed by British scientist Jared Watkin,

the core element of Abbott's innovative

FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring

system will be manufactured in Witney

and exported across the globe. Abbott's

Witney manufacturing site is the largest

employer in Mr Cameron's constituency,

already producing more than 2 billion


blood glucose test strips a year that are

shipped all over the world.

Pat Cole, Site Director of Abbott's

Witney facility, said, "We are thrilled

to welcome the Prime Minister to our

manufacturing site in Witney today. The

launch of the FreeStyle Libre system

marks an extraordinary milestone for

those living with diabetes, as well as a key

chapter in Abbott's UK history."

Type 1 diabetic

Douglas Cairns,

former RAF

pilot instructor

and holder of

18 aviation speed records, will be hosting

another Flying With Diabetes day on 1

November. Meanwhile, he will have been

busy. Cairns' latest flying endeavour is to

try to set two new records this summer.

The first is to land in all 38 English Counties

between dawn and dusk, the second is to

lead a new formation world speed record


together with six pilots with diabetes.

The Flying with Diabetes event is taking

place on Saturday 1 November and will

include latest news and talks from recordsetting pilots with diabetes and other

accomplished sportspeople with diabetes.

Attendees will also be able to view historic

aircraft on display and have the chance

to walk through the cabin of a Concorde

supersonic aircraft. Representatives of

JDRF will be at the event.11am-3.30pm,

Duxford Airfield Imperial War Museum.

Register here.


Because he takes part in competitive

flying, Douglas keeps an eye on his

glucose levels with the all-in-one AccuChek Mobile blood glucose system.

Mr Cameron said, "I am delighted to see

so a local employer bringing exciting new

technology forward to improve the quality

of life of people living with diabetes."

On his visit he met with one of the

members of staff who has had Type 1 for

20 years and who had been wearing one

of the new sensors. For more information

on these new sensors, please see feature

Coming Soon on p. 4.


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