Sport and diabetes

continued over


determine which team is the best football

side in the world (turned out it was the

Netherlands). The UK team this year were

all insulin pump users as the aim is to raise

the awareness about the benefits that

insulin pumps and in particular Sensor

Augmented Pump therapy (SAP) can give

to young children and teenagers. These

children who took part are role models for

anyone with diabetes to show that living

with the condition does not prevent you

from taking part in sport.

This event focused on children with

diabetes mainly due to the fact that it's

known that getting them on a pump,

often with CGM, is the best way to set

them up for the future and so avert

diabetic complications. It's an astonishing

improvement (although also a much more

complicated commitment) than many of

us had when we were diagnosed when

you might not even have had a blood test

meters and syringes were made of glass!

Several of these youngsters grow up and

stay true, working hard on their diabetes

control and their sport of choice - see the

list of websites of diabetic sportspeople.

Earlier in the year, Animas, which

supply the Animas Vibe insulin pump that

is paired with the Dexcom 4 CGM system,

also held a sports day as reported in the

June issue of this magazine. At the event

more than 50 people with Type 1 diabetes

from around the UK came together to work

with sports specialists to learn about blood

glucose management techniques, and to

conquer fears about exercising people.

People with insulin-dependent diabetes

often report a reduction in their activity

levels around the time of diagnosis. Key

barriers to exercise reported are a fear of

hypoglycaemic episodes and a perceived

lack of knowledge and confidence of how

to maintain blood glucose control whilst


Famous diabetics

The most famous diabetic sportsman is

undoubtedly Steve Redgrave, who was

diagnosed after his 4th and before his

5th,6th and 7th gold Olympic medals.

While most of us would not consider

ourselves to be Olympians and feel that

we have nothing in common with them,

the efforts of top sportspeople to work

with diabetes researchers is giving a lot

of insight as to how to help us all manage

the sports+diabetes challenge.

Dr Rob Andrews is Consultant Senior

Lecturer at the University of Bristol with

a special interest in researching diabetes

and sport. He and his colleagues have

been working on schematic diagrams that

offer a 'flow' of choices to help someone

with diabetes make choices as to whether

to exercise or whether to do some insulin

dose adjustments. He says, "People

often ask at clinic about advice on doing

sports, but the feedback they get is often

not very specific. Patients tend to feel

that they get poor advice. The diagrams

work as an aide-memoire. We amend

them to the patient's needs and tell them

how to use them. Our aim is to get his

information out to fellow dieticians and

nurses in the diabetes field in order that

they can then use it to educate patients.

We're working on a website that will be

to do with exercise for type 1 diabetics,

but it's not ready for release yet. Much

of the work is adapted from knowledge

gained from studying elite athletes,

though we recognise that these are not

particularly representative of most of the

population. But as more trials take place,

then the knowledge base will grow and

evolve. We know all sorts of factors affect

diabetes control. When a T1 has a high

blood sugar, food passes more slowly

through the gut. If you add in exercise,

what affect will that have? We still need

The Medtronic Junior Cup the team attracted attention from

many folk, including Gary Lineker. To find out who won the

competition, click here.


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