Sport and diabetes



Taking on diabetes and sport, some best practice and advice.


It's a real dilemma. You might

enjoy sport, but as a person

with diabetes you know that

each and every encounter with

physical activity could lead

to a hypo. It's not inevitable, but it's a

distinct possibility. There are strategies to

avoid them, but it's definitely a downside

of participating in physical activity, the

flip side being that of course sport and

exercise are vital for long-term health, so

you pretty much have to brace yourself,

be prepared, and get on with it.

The upsides to engaging with sporting

activities are (a) enjoying them (b) improved

fitness and health (c) a likely reduction in

your need for insulin (lower doses if you

exercise frequently) and (d) an increased

aptitude for handing low glycaemic states

(i.e. you'll be able to better anticipate the

effect the sporting activity has on your

blood glucose levels and therefore plan to

avoid lows.

At the cutting edge of sport and

diabetes is input from the insulin pump

manufacturers especially in tandem with

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

as they offer the double sophistication

of being able to 'dial down' your dose

of basal insulin on the pump along with

having alarm systems set on the CGM

that will warn of rapidly increasing or

decreasing blood glucose levels.

Starting young

The Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes is

a 'World Cup' for children with Type 1

diabetes who are aged between 10 and

14. Lenny the lion invited 12 Countries to

compete in a 7-aside football tournament

at the end of August this year to


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